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Surface Modern Solutions: Don’t Just Change with the Times – Embrace Them

Shifting to remote work, whether in a partial-hybrid-temporary or full-and-permanent capacity, is anything but a picnic. However, it doesn’t need to remain that way. Your business, like all the others out there including competitors aplenty, has work to do. Deadlines to meet. Strategies to spearhead and refine. Successes to achieve. 

The Microsoft Surface Modern Solutions Program (SMSP) can help you maximize the potential of your modern endpoint operations with faster deployment, smarter process refinement, and the development of a new approach that better positions your teams amidst a world of rapid change. Not only will you keep pace, but you’ll innovate, driven to deliver in groundbreaking new ways with the assistance of our own experts and the technologies they can provide.  

Discover what it means to operate in modern times by embracing the potential within them. 

Surface Modern Solutions Program ABCs 

The Surface Modern Solutions Program consists of a 6–8-week training course for Microsoft Partners, helping them optimize the way they not only work but also deliver modern deployment to end-users. A comprehensive technical and sales enablement program, it’s finetuned to incorporate key elements including white-gloved support from Microsoft’s own dedicated Partner Success Specialist. Your training itself will focus on critical modules related to not only innovative and future-facing Surface hardware but also Azure AD, Intune, Autopilot, and much more. In addition, you’ll develop critical mobility and security refinements to ensure you can not only accommodate for fully remote operations but achieve greater success from them. 

Benefits for Resellers 

If you’re a Microsoft Reseller, SMSP offers the ability to obtain important credentials including authorizations for CSP and DMP through our programming. In addition, our products and services will feel second-nature to you by the time you complete your training, which provides deep technical dives and guides into how Surface, Autopilot, Azure AD and Intune solutions work. This also means your prospects will have a more comprehensive and informed understanding of them before committing to a purchase, effectively optimizing your reselling capabilities to improve customer satisfaction. Plus, it’s easy to seek out assistance in creating more compelling DaaS offers for clients. 

Ideal Microsoft Partners for SMSP 

In addition to authorized Microsoft Surface resellers, Cloud Service Providers can maximize their capabilities while optimizing for lower operating costs and improved client relationships through a firmer grasp of modern technological innovations. Whether you have plenty of experience in selling various solutions, Surface devices only or none at all, resellers from all walks of life are positioned to benefit tremendously from SMSP through dedicated refreshers, lessons on new features, and much more.   

The time has come to move past normal. To operate with a focus on normalcy is to fade into the distance. Your business deserves better, and your teams are so much more capable. Customers are also observing change trends and migrating with them. With the Microsoft Surface Modern Solutions Program, embracing that change is only the beginning; you’ll be able to make your own lasting mark, drive revenue, and implement scalable solutions that are cloud-ready. 

If you are interested in learning more about or participate in the Surface Modern Solutions Program, please contact Tony Tu ( or Jignesh Bharadva