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Surface Laptop 2 for Business Technical FAQ

What do you get when you harness the power of a premium Windows laptop while focusing on the cost-saving benefits of productivity and portability? Well, allow us to introduce you to the Surface Laptop 2 for Business ­– an industry-leading piece of technology designed with premium design and great performance in mind!

In this blog, we’ll answer a selection of frequently asked questions we receive regarding this state-of-the-art piece of tech!

What has changed from Surface Laptop 1 to Surface Laptop 2?

With a new system-on-a-chip (SOC) with Intel 8th generation quad-core processors that provide up to 67% performance gain over previous generation dual-core CPUs, and two new colour options, black and blush, the Surface Laptop 2 is new and improved!

Does Surface Laptop 2 require new or different drivers from the previous model?

While new drivers and firmware and accompanying driver and firmware packs on the Microsoft Download Centre will be released at launch, these will also support the prior generation devices. Separate download pages for the new products will be created on the Microsoft Download Centre, however, MSI files on both laptop generations will be identical and apply to both products.

Since Surface devices don’t feature a removable hard drive, does this pose a security risk for me should I ever need to return it?

There is no cause for concern here as Microsoft provides a Surface Data Eraser tool that boots from a USB stick. This tool makes it possible for users to securely wipe all of their data for any reason!

Has the battery life improved from the previous version?

The battery life of the Surface Laptop 2 is the same, if not slightly improved from the Surface Laptop 1, providing up to 14.5 hours of power!

Is there any change to the display such as increased color gamut?

The display is unchanged from Surface Laptop 1 and continues to be calibrated for 100% sRGB coverage.

We bought a Surface device and noticed an odd scaling issue that wasn’t on other devices. What’s going on here?

Display scaling issues usually only occur when the Surface’s high-resolution screen is plugged into a low-resolution monitor. These can be managed with firmware and software updates and sometimes with cabling.

Often, we find that the root cause of these issues lies within third-party apps and not necessarily with the Surface device itself.

What ports does the device have?

This progressive device has one USB 3.0, one mini display port and one audio jack located on the left side of the device.

What kind of camera does the device have?

The Surface Laptop 2 stellar HD 720P front-facing RGB camera is optimized for even low light rooms. Say cheese for a selfie or make those important business video calls through a crystal clear lens!

What makes the keyboard so advanced?

Not only does the device comes with a full size, backlight embedded keyboard with chiclet keys, the key surface is also treated with soft-touch paint and the board comes with a large palm rest with soft Alcantara fabric for maximized comfort.

What makes the touchpad stand out?

The device is equipped with a Precision Touchpad that is glass laminated, the same treatment as the award-winning Surface Book.

Can I use a Surface Pen with the device?

Yes. You can use any of the Surface Pens currently on the market.

We could talk for hours about the incredible technical innovations offered by the Surface Laptop 2!

To learn even more about the product, contact your Ingram Micro Specialist today!