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Surface Hub for Education

When it comes to better access to training and education, there’s no distance too far to travel. What most people don’t realize though is that traveling to a physical establishment isn’t always a viable option. In fact, there are many circumstances which can result in a loss of enrolment and participation at work, training sessions and school, such as bad weather, unexpected traffic delays and unpredictable obligations to be elsewhere for work, family, etc. The only option to ensure quality learning in a collaborative environment from any location is to implement a virtual classroom, and that’s exactly what Microsoft Surface Hub does.

Interactive Virtual Learning

You may be wondering if a virtual classroom, such as Microsoft Surface Hub is really necessary. After all, trainers, educators and instructors can record videos of their lessons online with a simple click of a button. Unfortunately, that option lacks the collaborative and interaction that allows individuals to fully retain and enjoy their experience. In order to keep students and staff, whether in a classroom or workplace, engaged in their studies and new information, it’s imperative to keep them involved and interacting with each other and their teacher/trainer.  This is something that sets Microsoft Surface Hub apart from other options.

Microsoft Surface Hub has combined video conferencing, digital whiteboard capabilities and presentation into one, allowing trainers, teachers and instructors to present information while connecting with their audience in real time. 

Distribute, Collect and Collaborate on One Interface

In addition to the learning perspective, Microsoft Surface Hubs makes it easy for trainers, teachers and instructors to effectively distribute, collect and collaborate workflow. Some virtual classrooms in the past have used emails and fax machines to distribute and collect work but both methods proved to be unreliable sources.  Workflow would become delayed or completely halted with something as simple as limited broadband or a poor internet connection.

With Microsoft Surface Hub, you’re able to distribute, collect and collaborate workflow on one interface.  It’s a collaborative device that integrates some of the most popular technologies into one, such as videoconferencing, digital whiteboard capabilities and presentations. This instantly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of, not only a virtual classroom, but of the workflow as a whole.

Teamwork Across Various Locations

Before Microsoft Surface Hub, it wasn’t an option to work as a team from various locations without the use of many other platforms and sources, such as email, fax and Skype. This, as you may have guessed, came with many delays and discrepancies, along with a significant decrease in productivity. 

Microsoft Surface Hub allows you to connect three locations simultaneously. This is greatly beneficial to companies and educational facilities that have various locations or remote employees/trainers, as the team can work together in real-time.

Expand your Possibilities for Collaboration

Microsoft Surface Hub’s unique ability to connect and interact directly from three different locations also increases one’s options for collaborations, which can result in some savings as well. As a teacher or trainer, some of the best training resources and speakers aren’t always national, let alone local. Without Microsoft Surface Hub, the only option to collaborate with a trainer/teacher that isn’t local would be to upfront a large cost to cover travel and accommodations. Often times, this is an overhead many facilities and educational establishments simply don’t have available to them. As a result, they and their audience miss out on the opportunity to learn from such reputable sources.

Microsoft Surface Hub is a revolutionary form of technology that the digital age has been waiting for. It’s a collaboration device that unleashes the power of teamwork, efficiency and real-time collaborations. It eliminates educational limits and offers valuable education to all, whenever and wherever they are.

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