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Surface Hub 2S: The New Hybrid Workplace

The next generation of your go-to scrums and collaborative endeavours has arrived. With the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S, the iconic interactive whiteboard is more immersive, capable, and convenient to use than ever. Whether managing multiple critical, performance-intensive apps in tandem or tending to remote videoconferencing needs, bridging distance and breaking boundaries becomes second nature.

Stay in Touch – and Hit the Ground Running

Surface Hub 2S includes an edge-to-edge 4K display that makes marking up documents and brainstorming sessions more vivid and effective, while otherwise serving as an exceptional presentation panel. Along with the bundled six-element, Microsoft Teams certified microphone array with beamforming and 4K, wide-field-of-view camera system, everything from proposal pitches to collaborative meetings benefits from a smoother, professional-grade experience. Join a meeting without jumping over connectivity hurdles thanks to personal PC join-ins, Proximity Join, and coordinated Teams meetings.

Ready for Remote

Your remote commuting hero is here. During uncertain times, keeping in touch with coworkers and other departments – and therefore keeping everyone on the same page – is crucial. Surface Hub 2S encourages collaborative ideation with seamless digital interactivity, featuring support for everything from high-resolution videoconferencing to whiteboarding with the Surface Slim Pen. Working together nowadays means working smarter; a dedicated virtual hub system makes transitioning to a hybrid workplace painless and seamless. With the right equipment, your team can ensure sustained peak performance, communications, and operational efficiency. Shipping with Windows 10 Team edition, Surface Hub 2S is an inspired choice for remote deployment.

The Right Size, the Right Room, the Right Time

Available in 50-inch and incredible 85-inch display variations, the Surface Hub 2S is designed to seamlessly integrate with your work environment regardless of its size. Both include the same innovations and capabilities, so choosing whichever size you prefer never means compromising on the essentials.

Microsoft has proudly partnered with Steelcase, the world-renowned producer of enterprise-grade workstation solutions, to engineer a sturdy and adjustable stand solution for the Surface Hub 2S. The Steelcase Roam cart is ideal for both available sizes, allowing you to move from room to room securely and with ease. Now, your collaborative canvas can go with you, complete with room for the APC Charge Mobile Battery system for when you need to be away from a wall outlet. As a result, there’s a Surface Hub 2S solution for the size, room, and flexibility needs of any enterprise environment.

Modular, Multi-Touch Design

Surface Hub 2S can be affixed to either a supported mobile deployment stand or mounted on a wall, and it looks and performs beautifully in either manner of operation. Encourage team members to join in on the latest planning or strategy session with 20-point multi-touch support. The wide field of view of the 4K camera ensures sufficient social distancing when the need arises to work together in person, whether during a presentation or multi-departmental collaborative session. Along with its modular design, Surface Hub 2S incorporates the finest business-grade software and features from Microsoft including consistent updates, and it can seamlessly interface with other Surface devices, Microsoft Teams Rooms, and certified peripherals.

Optimal Security and Compliance Management

Surface Hub 2S not only enhances productivity but also security. Managing permissions is straightforward and stress-free thanks to software-based customizations to maintain full compliance. With custom firmware, Windows Defender and BitLocker protections, scrutinized executable code and TPM 2.0 data security, Windows 10 Teams and Surface Hub 2S put proactivity and privacy first. These features lead to custom-optimized accessibility, data permissions and sharing, and absolute peace of mind.

Accessories to Amplify Your Collaborative Experience

There are several unique accessories designed to make your Surface Hub 2S experience more effective and conducive to efficiency. These include the Surface Hub 2 Pen for a precise, flowing inking experience, the Surface Hub 2 Fingerprint Reader for an added layer of security combined with Windows Hello face authentication, and support for the Surface Slim Pen. From sketching design concepts to planning process refinements, they allow you do even more with this vast, vivid digital smart canvas.

Surface Hub 2S is designed to help you not only keep up with workplace innovation; it’s an ideal choice for hybrid environments that need to innovate on how they collaborate. With state-of-the-art enterprise security features, support for a wide array of certified peripherals and mobile operation, and ready for multi-user interactions, it’s the next evolution of what we know as the meeting room. Now, with Surface Hub 2S, that room extends far beyond four walls and into limitless possibility.

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