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Surface for Creatives

If you’re a facts and figures kind of person, then you already know how crucial creativity is to the modern workplace. Research by Microsoft found that 73% of workers believe their future financial success depends on their ability to be creative. However, 69% of workers believe they are not living up to their creative potential and 61% of leaders do not think their company is creative at all.

Across all industries, businesses have an advantage when their employees feel creativity simulated. They’re able to think outside the box and innovate an easier way to communicate with customers,  whether its a company re-brand or a new product.

The right tools and devices are essential to executing the inventiveness that attracts new talent and inspires current employees. The Microsoft Surface makes it easier for people of all skill levels to bring whatever ideas they have to life.

These tablets work efficiently in the modern workplace. The Surface’s portability, functionality and the variety of add-ons available make it the perfect tool for businesses looking to increase ingenuity in their offices.  

Here’s how you can explore the intersection of tech and creativity with Surface:


Surface devices are lightweight and can be docked for use on a desk or be carried around as a tablet, meaning they are not limited to in-office use. It also means that within the office, people can bring their devices from room-to-room. Brainstorming meetings and presentations are a lot more interactive when everyone involved has the latest technology at their fingertips.


There is a plethora of accessories that can be used to make Microsoft Surface devices more engaging. Microsoft Surface devices are already essentially digital notebooks, but the Surface Pen really helps make it feel like you’re putting pen to paper. It gives the user a precise and natural writing and drawing experience and even has an eraser on the back.

The Surface Dial used in conjunction with the Surface Pen greatly facilitates the creative process. The Dial is a multi-functional puck that helps the user get the most use of their Surface. On the most basic level, the Dial can be used to adjust the volume on music or videos, to zoom in on images or quickly scroll through long documents. For more advanced users, it can be used to rotate 3D vectors, choose colours on a drawing in progress or create a perfectly straight line.


Businesses have a lot of choices when it comes to the devices and tools that can be used to boost innovation in the workplace. The Microsoft Surface Studio was definitely designed with creatives in mind. The Zero Gravity Hinge transforms the device from a desktop monitor to a touch-screen tablet to a drafting table, making it ideal for drawing, sketching new ideas or making handwritten notes. The new Surface Go is a great option for mobile workers and freelancers. Ideas that pop up on-the-go can easily be jotted down and communicated in real time.

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