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Surface Enterprise – Transformation

Microsoft Surface may be the device that you’ve has been waiting for that will act as the transformative catalyst for innovating your business into the future. The device makes it easier for companies to not only connect with employees but their customers in real time and in a variety of exciting, new ways. Essentially, if you can dream it, the Surface can likely help turn it into a reality.

Here’s how:

Digital Transformation is Crucial for Relevancy

If you’re not leveraging the best technology available, chances are that you’ll quickly fall behind the competition. Adapting to the high-tech standards of today is essential for attracting investors, clients and customers. With the Surface, this technology is literally at your fingertips.

The modern workplace needs to adapt to the rapidly changing society meaning workplaces need to not only be innovative but also be more productive and flexible.

A Timesaving Tool

The Surface allows employees to save time with a variety of productivity tools including interactive calendars and to-do lists. Additionally, it engages both remote workers and freelancers due to the assortment of collaborative tools and OneDrive storage and cloud functions. The Surface is portable and has a lot of applications with offline capabilities making it the perfect tool for workers on-the-go.

Streamlined Customer Relations

The advantages of digitally transforming your business are endless but most importantly it facilitates customer relations.

The business adage, “The Customer is always right,” can definitely be applied in this case. In the digital age of information overload, customers are tech-savvy and looking for businesses to stand out from the crowd. Microsoft Surface allows employees from various departments to interact with customers more efficiently. The speed and ease of these interactions make the company more dependable the technology can also be employed to create a personalized experience for their clients.

This is a massive benefit as customization will keep your business top of mind and help you stick out amongst competitors.

Cosium X Microsoft Surface

In the below video, you’ll see an example of a company digitally transforming their business. They effectively implement the Microsoft Surface to streamline the customer experience.

Here’s the scoop: A global business solution provider that specializes in healthcare, Cosium, wanted to bring a modern approach to the optometry industry.

Specifically, they wanted to facilitate the sale of glasses and were able to use the Surface to create a virtual try-on. This makes it so even if a coveted pair isn’t currently stocked in-store, customers are able to see how the glasses look on their face using augmented reality.

Anyone who wears glasses know firsthand how crucial it is to see what a pair look like on before making a commitment. Without the Surface’s portability, high-quality screen and camera, this wouldn’t have been possible.

See for yourself exactly how Cosium used the Microsoft Surface to transform the experience of buying glasses!

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