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Surface Duo: Work Your Way

Surface Duo: Work Your Way

The Microsoft Surface Duo is more than a smartphone. It is no mere tablet. In many ways, it defies the definition and established conventions of today’s mobile devices. This is by design; the goal of the team behind this groundbreaking product is to create new opportunities for users. Whether remote commuting, jotting down your next brilliant idea or multitasking in compelling new ways, the Surface Duo encourages users to do exactly that: Use it. Experiment. Come up with a productivity flow that works for you as an individual.  

Let’s enter the fold and explore its many features together. 


Signature Design Conducive to Your Use Case

Precision-engineered inside and out, the Surface Duo keeps the brand’s signature design language alive and well. Featuring a state-of-the-art and durable 360° hinge system, it’s meant to be used – over and over – and you’ll have a hard time putting it down. Everything from the weight and pocketable size to its clean-cut chassis makes it the ideal choice for slipping into a pocket, flipping through an e-book on the train and presenting in tent mode with its dual screens.  


This design is what enables the Surface Duo to readily adapt to the use case of every user in a more organic, personable manner. It dynamically adjusts to accommodate for intensive workflows and gets out of the way when you don’t. Take calls with it folded in half when you don’t need both screens, making it more manageable in the hand. Draft an email or text on one screen and view your inbox – or a YouTube video – on the other. Multitask in desktop-style with side-by-side app pairings and website windows, powered by Edge. And create App Groups based on your favourite flow – Spotify and Word, Teams and OneNote, and other combinations are just a tap away. 


Fast, Secure and Capable 


Unfolding the Surface Duo and using it to your heart’s content is as easy as a tap of the built-in fingerprint reader, which offers fast, responsive and secure sign-in capability. Powered by a Microsoft-customized configuration of Android OS, Duo UI, it protects your data and privacy. And, with 18-watt fast charging via USB-C along with all-day battery life, it’s ready to move with you – and keep you moving.  


A Joy for Note-Takers and Artists Alike 


With integrated support for the thin, comfortable and light Surface Slim Pen, combined with the book-like physical design with dual separate screens, the Surface Duo is the ultimate note-taking and sketch-jotting device. The 3:2 aspect ratio, high-resolution AMOLED PixelSense Fusion Displays enable up to 8.1 inches of screen real estate. As there are two displays rather than one, the ability to seamlessly multitask and juggle multiple creations is a breeze – and rather fun. When you’re ready, share them while keeping the original document open. 


A Camera for Every Occasion 


Videoconferencing via Teams, shooting 4K video with gyro-enabled stabilization and snapping high-resolution stills is easy with the 11-megapixel adaptive camera system. Optimized with state-of-the-art AI, it adapts to how you intend to use it, intelligently identifying your intended use case. Depending on the Surface Duo’s orientation, posture and active apps, it knows what you plan on doing with it – and it’s more than ready to mark the moment for you. 


Thin with Purpose 


Thinness should never overtake functionality, and that is why the Surface Duo is a true innovation in both areas. The dual-screen design enables it to be surprisingly slender and lightweight in the hand, merely 4.8 millimetres thin then open and under 10 millimetres when closed. Along with a weight of 250 grams, Corning Gorilla Glass displays and an all-metal chassis, it’s built to last while meeting your every expectation. Even with this thin and light design, it remains a powerful and capable device. Featuring eSIM and Nano SIM support, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile processor and 6 GB of DRAM, Bluetooth 5.0 and best-in-class Duplex communication enhancements for hands-free calls, it’s ready for whatever your workday throws at it.  


Something for Everyone – and then Some 


The Surface Duo comes with a full suite of Microsoft apps to help you work, play, multitask and create in exciting and convenient new ways. From the complete Microsoft Office suite to Outlook, Teams, OneDrive and OneNote, Surface Audio and even our popular Microsoft Solitaire Collection, there’s an app for every great idea or need. Duo UI’s adaptive modes, dual-screen windowing, dynamic dock and universal search functions further enhance the user experience. And, to top it all off, the Your Phone app and a Windows 10 PC enable streamlined, user-friendly access to everything you need, no matter whether you’re on the go, at the office or surrounded by the comforts of home.  

With a mold-shattering design language that enables a more personalized user experience, highly optimized apps that take full advantage of powerful hardware and state-of-the-art features aplenty, the Surface Duo allows you to work your way. It’s a giant leap in a bold new direction for on-the-go multitasking, complete with opportunities for exciting new experiences.