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Surface Academy – Achieve Success with Microsoft Surface

The way people work has changed drastically over the past decade due to advances in technology. Nowadays, digitally empowered modern workplaces have a significant upper hand on the behind-the-times competition. This is especially true in a sales environment, which is why you may have noticed an increased number of screens, apps, and devices being used.

Sales teams that are equipped with the necessary technology and tools are more productive and better able to engage with their customers. One such technology that contributes to an effective and modernized sales workforce is Microsoft Surface Academy. Here’s everything you need to know about achieving success with Microsoft Surface Academy. 

What Is Microsoft Surface Academy?

Microsoft Surface Academy is part of the Microsoft Partner Network that is available through the Surface Reseller Alliance. Surface Academy is a learning tool that has been specifically designed to help support you and your business towards the modern workplace. These courses will help develop your knowledge of Microsoft Surface and, in turn, improve your selling abilities.

How Microsoft Surface Academy Can Help Your Sales Team

The main benefit that graduates get out of Microsoft Surface Academy is an enhanced ability to recognize more ways to positively impact their customers’ businesses. The Surface Academy will help you gain a better understanding of the full portfolio, which will ultimately allow you to support a broader range of clients’ needs. Armed with this in-depth understanding and the ability to support your clients, you’ll have a much better chance of hitting your targets and increasing your company’s overall margins.

Other benefits that can come from the personal knowledge you’ll develop of Microsoft Surface through the Surface Academy include:

  • More valuable conversations with customers.
  • The discovery of new cross-sell, upsell and nurture opportunities with customers.
  • An increase in your average basket size and a greater revenue percentage on every deal you make.
  • Positioning your employer as a long-term supplier as opposed to a one-off seller.
  • Establishing yourself as a trusted consultant amongst your customers.

The Benefits of Different Seller Status Levels

The Microsoft Surface Academy course follows a straightforward syllabus that takes you through the origins, evolution, and future vision of Surface’s role in Microsoft. As you move up through the levels, you will be able to demonstrate skills and knowledge to colleagues and customers alike. Here’s a brief overview of the benefits of different seller status levels:

  • Level 1, Associate Seller: Associate Sellers are nimble, knowledgeable, and fully engaged in the evolution of Surface.
  • Level 2, Professional Seller: Professional Sellers qualify as an advocate, an advisor, and a trusted touchpoint for the Surface brand.
  • Level 3, Master Seller: Master Sellers are Microsoft-certified Surface experts that are capable of orchestrating Modern Workplaces.
  • Level 4, Ultimate Seller: Ultimate Sellers are strategic technology consultants and brand ambassadors that are able to represent Microsoft, its products, its values, and its vision.

Sign up for Surface Academy today to develop new understandings, discover new opportunities, and achieve success with Microsoft Surface.