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Protecting Your Microsoft Product with Service Warranties

If you’re going to invest in a tablet or laptop, you should ensure your device will last as long as possible from the get-go. We heavily rely on our Microsoft products in our daily lives – both personal and business – so if they get damaged, it’s essential to have them up and running as soon as possible. Whether it’s a Surface Pro, Laptop, Book or Go, it’s imperative to protect your Microsoft products with a Microsoft Service Warranty as it will essentially pay for itself if any issues arise.

Here are some additional details on the different Microsoft Service Warranties:

Extended Hardware Service

The Extended Hardware Service warranty comes in either a 3-year or a 4-year plan that includes coverage for mechanical breakdowns as well as options for advanced exchanges. This means you can ship your device to Microsoft if there are issues and receive a temporary functioning device in exchange while your own is being fixed.

Complete for Business

The Complete for Business warranty comes in 2-year, 3-year and 4-year options. Like extended hardware services, it includes mechanical breakdown coverage, additional exchange options as well as service benefits. Plus, two accidental damage coverages per device. This warranty will cover cracked screens, spills, power surges and more.

Complete for Business Plus

This warranty comes with the exact same year options and benefits as the Complete for Business warranty but also includes:

  • Next business day ensures that a replacement for a damaged device will be delivered the very next business day. This is a $60 value, but you can’t put a price on productivity.
  • Complete Concierge – a service that will help you get more out of your Microsoft Surface devices. There is a tailored onboarding service that entitles you to one hour-long customized change management training session. Your IT staff and end users will also get two separate two hour-long customized onsite training sessions. You’ll also gain exclusive access to two live virtual training sessions per month and a helpful advisory board.
  • Scheduled replacements where you’ll be able to process bulk service claims whenever is convenient for you. Microsoft recommends scheduling replacements at the end of a quarter.

Complete for Education

The Complete for Education warranty is tailored for institutions such as universities, colleges and high schools where there is a large number of Microsoft devices. It is only available in a 4-year plan. It has complete concierge, business plus benefits as well as claims sharing across your entire organization and accidental damage coverage for 100% of devices.

Complete for Enterprise

The Complete for Enterprise warranty comes in a 3-year plan and is intended for businesses with 50 Microsoft computers or more as it is the only warranty plan with 1/50 device retention allotment. It includes all of the same benefits as the Complete for Education warranty. 

For small organizations, we recommend protecting your Microsoft Surface investments with the Complete for Business Plus warranty as you’ll receive the most benefits for the best price; the best bang for your buck! For more information on warranties, contact your local Microsoft dealer today.