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Proof of Value

One of the best kept secrets of selling products, especially security products, is the Proof of Value (POV) or sometimes called Proof of Concept (POC) activity.  POV involves getting the customer to try out the solution for a couple of weeks, during which time you can showcase the solution benefits.

The Security Portfolio is a perfect place to start since security is top of mind with every big or small business organization.

Customers are usually quite unaware of the variety of viruses or malware that penetrate their networks.   It is only when you deploy a solution like Cisco Umbrella, Cisco NGFW or Cisco AMP4EP that they realize how exposed they are to ransomware, viruses and malware.

These Cisco solutions, once deployed in a POV have a high closure rate for adoption by the customer.    The majority of AMP4EP and Cisco Umbrella solutions can be deployed in a POV environment in less than 10 minutes.

Most of the work in a POV is finding, uncovering and researching the customer opportunity. If you can find 10 potential security issues you could close an average of 5 to 7 sales activities per POV customer.  See table below.

Most POV solutions provide the opportunity to sell ongoing monitoring and management services, with weekly reports pre-built that can be scheduled to be e automatically generated.

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