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Power Your Modern Management with Microsoft Surface for Business

Forget the limitations of only using work devices in the office while connected to an on-premises network. Now the whole world can be a workplace as long as you have a portable device and Wi-Fi.

These exciting changes have placed the modern workplace in a period of transition. Businesses need to adapt or risk losing customers to their more innovative competitors. Creating a modern workplace means using devices that allow employees to engage with each other as well as external stakeholders and customers. Team members expect seamless operations and high security as well as productivity and collaboration apps to be available whenever they need them.  

For IT technicians, modern management means employees are able to set up their own devices and run system updates quickly and easily. In the modern workplace, all devices can be managed from cloud-based systems even if employees are on the other side of the world. Make the switch with Microsoft Surface for business, the best device for a new, improved and comprehensive management system. Here are just some of the updated aspects of the Surface that make device management a breeze:


With Surface and Windows Autopilot, deployment is made easy. In the following simplified five-step process, users will have their devices up and running: 

  1. The Surface device is enrolled in Windows Autopilot with a qualifying Microsoft partner.
  2. Windows Autopilot deployment service device profiles are configured. These settings tell the service how to configure the device.
  3. The Surface device is shipped to an employee who unboxes it, powers it on, connects to Wi-Fi and signs in. Once connected, the Windows Autopilot deployment service connects and downloads the configuration settings.
  4. Once the Windows 10 setup is completed using the Windows Autopilot profile settings, the device is connected to Azure AD and Microsoft Intune.
  5. With Azure AD and Intune connected, additional policies and configuration settings are downloaded and implemented while apps are installed.


Intune is the best way to not only configure your Surface device but transition to modern management. It allows IT technicians to manage employee-owned and corporate-owned devices. Intune can help you manage the following Surface device settings directly:

  • Certificates
  • BitLocker
  • Email
  • Windows security breaches
  • Device features
  • Update settings
  • VPN connections
  • Wi-Fi connections

Another great feature of Intune-managed devices is that in the case of a security breach, they can be wiped, locked and have the password reset remotely. Your organization’s important data will remain in good hands even if devices are misplaced or stolen. 


Windows Analytics is a set of solutions that assist in helping you better understand the current state of your Windows environment and your Surface devices. It facilitates the monitoring of Surface health including the identification of problem devices and configurations. Windows Analytics makes it easier to manage device updates and upgrades.

Microsoft Surface for business devices are easily deployable, which helps optimize the modern management transition for any business. IT technicians can rest assured they will be able to manage any changes or updates, use innovations to their advantage and stay ahead of the competition. The time to modernize your management system is now.


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