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More than meets the eye: Commerce & Lifecycle Services

Out of all the visits to Ingram Micro over the past 6 months, the most memorable, by far, was a visit to one of its distribution centres, a massive – and I mean massive -- warehouse responsible for housing, managing and shipping products to consumers and businesses alike.

And thus, this visit kicked off my crash course in Ingram Micro’s various fulfillment and distribution services.  Be it traditional CLS (commerce and lifestyle services), 3PL (third-party logistics), reverse logistics or ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition) for disposing of obsolete or unwanted equipment in a safe, secure, and ecologically-responsible manner; Ingram Micro seems to have it all covered.

You’re already most likely aware of Ingram Micro’s tried-and-true lifecycle services –leveraging the company’s expertise and experience to distribute products to retail (cross-border into Canada and intra-Canada fulfillment) – but let’s dive a little deeper into other areas of the business.

Ingram Micro is 3PL

Did you know third-party logistics (3PL) now accounts for more than half of the units shipped out of the Canadian facilities?

In fact, it’s not only Ingram Micro Canada’s fastest-growing business unit, but Ingram Micro’s commerce and lifecycle services have moved up to no. 24 on Transport Topics' Annual Top 50 Largest Logistics Companies in North America list.

And perhaps it’s no surprise. Due to complexities of the supply chain, many companies are outsourcing to Ingram Micro – leveraging its vast warehouses, efficient transportation services, and logistics savoir-faire – so businesses can focus on making great products and marketing them to the masses.

Companies today shouldn’t (and don’t) have to worry about execution when you can leave it to the experts.

With a global warehouse network supported by a powerful SaaS platform driving it, Ingram Micro has the stability and ability to scale for your peak seasons – whether it’s delivered to a consumer’s home or a business. Almost a quarter million retailers and resellers already connect through Ingram Micro’s network to fulfill orders and reach new markets and customers around the world.

Reverse logistics, ITAD

What happens when a consumer or business returns goods?

Ingram Micro’s reverse logistics (RL) operations relates to the return, refurbishing and possibly recycling of products – all with keeping costs, speed, data privacy, and the environment in mind.

Processing each return requires careful and professional consideration, whether it’s to be returned to the manufacturer, refurbished and resold, or properly disposed of so it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Related to Ingram’s booming RL business is its IT asset disposition, which refers to disposing of obsolete or unwanted equipment in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner. Ingram Micro’s ITAD unit helps keep data secure on end-of-life technology devices, including de-installation and removal, on-site data erasure and destruction, packaging, asset processing, refurbishment/remarketing, and recycling.

Whether it’s traditional distribution, third-party logistics, or reverse logistics and ITAD, Ingram Micro Canada has you covered, from tip to tail.

For more on Ingram Micro’s commerce and fulfillment businesses, be sure to bookmark or reach out to a company rep here.