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Microsoft Surface in Healthcare

It should come as no surprise that one of the most important industries in the world is healthcare. Healthcare professionals are responsible for saving lives on a daily basis and often rely on technology to make their demanding, high stakes occupations easier. Unpredictable or slow devices cause grief for everyone, but in the healthcare industry, technological mistakes can sometimes to be fatal. Everyone, from pharmaceutical representatives to surgeons, require devices that allow them to stay connected with team members and patients, look up relevant information and keep all documents organized and secure.

Microsoft Surface for Business has a plethora of devices suited for modern healthcare professionals at all levels that will optimize the customer experience. Here are some examples of such professionals and the Microsoft Surface device that is best suited for them:


The Surface Book 2 is equipped with an advanced Intel Core processor which means it can run vital electronic health records (EHR) and productivity apps like Outlook or Office at the same time. Physicians can use Teams and Outlook to coordinate with specialists and other team members. The Surface Pen makes it easy to sign forms on the go that patients may need at a minute’s notice.


The Surface Go means nurses will no longer need to stay at a workstation for hours at a time to be productive. They can now review charts and other pertinent patient information in stunning HD wherever they are. The Surface Go has all of the capabilities of any Windows 10 device in a lightweight 1.15lb tablet. A reliable Wi-Fi connection is not a necessity as these devices have LTE Advanced connectivity, so they connect on the go.

Mobile Care Workers

The Surface Go is ideal for mobile care workers who can’t be tethered to a workstation. This portable device makes it easy to remotely communicate with doctors, specialists and patients via video conferencing and telemedicine. The LTE Advanced connectivity and data encryption mean workers can access the patient records they need from anywhere without requiring an internet connection. The Surface Go also intuitively logs patients’ information into EHR with a few touches on the screen.

Payors & Pharmaceutical Representatives

The Surface Pro with LTE allows pharmaceutical reps to be current on the latest drug and treatment news. With LTE, this means they will always be able to access push notifications and emails with important updates within the pharmaceutical community. Payors and reps will be able to manage patients’ billing information from anywhere, at any time. A major part of the job is putting together impressive presentations. Team members can collaborate on Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations using annotations and the dynamic Surface Pen. With the Surface Pro, they’ll be able to create top-of-the-line graphics to match the hard work they’ve put into presentations.

Healthcare professionals in all positions have a multitude of responsibilities of equal importance. Microsoft’s portfolio of Surface for Business devices is designed to intuitively and effectively perform under pressure and on the go making them perfect for anyone from physicians to pharmaceutical representatives.

Contact your local Microsoft representative today to learn more about what Surface can do for you and your medical institution.