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Microsoft Surface Hub – The Collaborative Tool

With nomadic employees, diverse learning styles, various business locations and on-the-go executives, it can seem impossible to gather your team for a creative collaboration in one place. With Microsoft Surface Hub, you don’t have to.

This unique collaborative device makes it easy to connect, interact and collaborate on workflow from various locations, in real-time and on one interface.  There’s no need for several email exchanges, delayed faxes, video recordings or Skype phone calls. Microsoft Surface Hub combines it all into one, making it the revolutionary solution businesses have been waiting for – because optimized environments and technology lead to many businesses benefits.

Increased Interest, Interaction and Satisfaction for Employees Leads to Higher Productivity

The digital age has improved the processes of many things, but it has also lead to a higher level of disengagement and dissatisfaction amongst workers. Technology has made what-used-to-be-complicated tasks into mundane clicks-of-a-button. It takes more to keep workers engaged and satisfied with their daily tasks and workflow. Add in an undesirable work environment, and creativity can hit a standstill, making collaborations seem impossible.

So, where’s the problem? Microsoft reported that employees with the utmost engagement spend between 60-80% of their time away from their desks. In other words, the more time spent away from their desk, the more engaged and interested they were with their work. Microsoft Surface Hub can help address this issue, as it allows for employees to work both independently and collaboratively with ease and inspiration, from various locations.

Engage Employees by Allowing Them to Choose from Various Work Environments

86% of disengaged employees have reported that their work environment does not allow them to select where they’d like to work within the office, depending on the task they’re doing.

Considering collaborations typically require several people to be in the same location to equally contribute their ideas, this often results in teamwork being conducted in an empty corner filled with background noise, empty floor space or conference rooms that have insufficient tools. Unfortunately, these areas often lack in aesthetics which can hinder creativity and productivity, in addition to engagement as reported by Microsoft.

Additionally, on average, 29% of employees avoid meeting spaces altogether due to insufficient tools or design when collaborating.

Microsoft Surface Hub provides employees with the freedom to work collaboratively in an environment in which they excel. They no longer have to be in a conference room just to be able to contribute their ideas and workflow, as this collaborative device allows interaction for three different locations.

Cater to Different Learning and Collaboration Styles

With the prior mentioned, recent research has shown that not all individuals work as well in the same workspace. Some workers are more productive in busy work environments with background noise, whereas others need a quiet, distraction-free space to call their own.

You can cater to the diverse learning styles of your employees by creating areas that they find best suits their learning curve. With Microsoft Surface Hub, you can do just that without taking away efficiency and productivity, as employees can continue to interact and collaborate with the workers that have chosen a different workspace to collaborate within.

Satisfy Worker’s Desire for Quiet Space for More Focused, Productive Work

Microsoft reported that despite 71% of surveyed workers prefer a quiet space for focused work, only 30% were satisfied with what their company provided. That’s 30% of workers who could be producing stronger, more creative, focused influences within team meetings. Unfortunately, decreasing the background noise within an office can seem impossible, but creating an area away from the distractions is not. Prior to Microsoft Surface Hub, having a separate area for quiet, focused work meant that workers were away from their standard workspaces. However, with this collaborative device, workers can take the tools with them, so they can work more productively on specific tasks, despite being away from their desk.

Provide Employees with the Right Tools They Need to Connect and Collaborate Anywhere

Productive and efficient communication, creativity and collaboration requires the right tools. Prior to Microsoft Surface Hub, those tools were often limited to a desktop.

Now, with this collaborative device, employees can contribute to workflow from various environments, whether remotely in the comfort of their own home, while on the go, traveling for business or in the office. Not only does this contribute to workflow but it also enhances personal interest and satisfaction for the workers, which in turn, leads back to better productivity.

Reduce Costs Without Reducing Collaboration

Microsoft Surface Hub also brings the possibility of reducing large business expenses without jeopardizing the power of collaboration. It allows for businesses to manage, interact and engage teams on a productive and secure network, in real time. This instantly decreases the cost of required office space and office equipment, without having to limit the number of workers and/or collaborations.

Creative collaborations lead to productivity, agility and satisfaction for both employees and consumers. In addition, many companies have reported seeing higher ROIs since placing importance on collaboration within the workforce.

Microsoft Surface Hub allows workers to create and collaborate virtually, from anywhere. This presents many opportunities to companies looking to increase engagement and interest of their workers, without lowering the productivity and power of collaborations.  Get connected today with Star Tech.