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Microsoft Surface for Government

Technology has revolutionized every single industry, including the government. It’s crucial for public servants and politicians alike to connect and communicate with the communities they work for and with. Using Microsoft Surface for Business devices is the best way for members of the government to provide the services necessary to serve society. Bring your organization up to date with the best tools and software available from Microsoft.

The top three factors of technology that government employees should focus on when choosing how to improve their organization are: ease of use, security and productive collaboration. Thankfully Microsoft Surface devices excel in all three of these areas and here’s how:

1. Ease of Use

First responders, caseworkers or politicians on the campaign trail can use Surface devices to make informed decisions quickly on the go. The dynamic Surface Go has all of the capabilities of a laptop in the convenient 10-inch wide and 1.15lb package of a tablet. They’re super lightweight with a thin display that boasts larger than life performance.

Surface devices also come with many simple deployment options. Windows Autopilot will launch your organization’s brand-new devices for optimized use. It can additionally be used as a virtual IT technician to reset, repurpose and recover devices. Autopilot requires little to no infrastructure or management. This makes it ideal for individuals who can’t risk downtime due to technological glitches. Surface devices can self-deploy with Zero Touch Provisioning technology, eliminating the manual labour often associated with adding them to a network. When a new employee joins the team, they’ll have everything they need at their fingertips.

2. Security

From politicians and judiciary staff to firefighters and urban planners, all government employees require the most innovative technology to keep their work safe and confidential. All Surface for business devices come equipped with highly secure Windows 10 Pro software. There is protection across multiple layers so you’ll never have to worry about your device falling into the wrong hands.

 3. Productive Collaboration

There’s a Surface device that’s perfectly suited for employees at all levels of government. Each device has technology in place that makes it ideal for productive collaboration.

With the Surface Laptop 2, employees can collaborate with co-workers by co-authoring Office documents, sharing projects in OneDrive and hosting discussions in Microsoft Teams. Paired with the Surface Dock, the Surface Laptop 2 can easily connect to displays and peripherals to broadcast messages or presentations in seconds.

With the Surface Pro, field workers can always smoothly transition from the office to off-site workplaces and stay connected to the home base with built-in Advanced LTE. Electronic signature integration makes it easy to get signatures whenever and wherever necessary.

The HD cameras and Dolby® Audio™ Premium speakers on the Surface Studio 2 and Surface Book 2 will make your video calls and remote meetings feel like they’re in person.

The Surface Book 2 is ideal for developers, data scientists and financial analysts who require a trustworthy system to perform complex analysis and store critical data. Government workers can perform their tasks with confidence on the Surface Book 2’s 8th-gen Intel Core Processor.

For urban planners, architects and graphic designers, the Surface Studio 2’s 28-inch PixelSense display will facilitate their work immensely. The device’s zero-gravity counterbalance hinge means users can quickly go from hands-on work in Studio mode to presenting projects in Desktop mode. The innovative Surface Pen allows users to customize documents and add handwritten notes and drawings while the Surface Dial makes menial repetitive tasks within apps as easy as turning a dial.

Government workers need the best devices on the market to efficiently and effectively serve their communities. Microsoft’s Surface devices will work for all members of government due to their ease of use, security and productive collaboration capabilities.

Contact your Microsoft representative today for more information on investing in Surface devices and finding the right device for your line of work.