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Microsoft Surface for Financial Services

It should come as no surprise that technology has caused a seismic shift in the financial service industry. Employees at every level of modern finance – insurance adjusters, directors, wealth advisors, investment analysts, and branch workers – all need a device suited for their unique needs. The latest technology, customer experience optimization, and security are their top priorities. Surface for Business devices, equipped with Windows 10 Pro, are designed with those needs in mind. There is a versatile Surface for each modern worker in the financial service industry.

Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters need to document property damage accurately, stay connected to colleagues and clients on-the-go and optimize their customer’s experience. The Surface Pro with LTE Advanced for Business is ideally suited to handle these responsibilities. The built-in LTE connectivity means analysts can continuously be in the loop even without a reliable wi-fi connection. Adjusters can also use their devices while they’re out all day with hours of battery life. They can take high definition photos of property damage and use the Surface Pen with OneNote integration to make notes on the spot. These photos will be directly uploaded to OneDrive, meaning they’re stored securely and everyone on the team can view them and collaborate on insurance quotes.


Directors are responsible for providing comprehensive leadership and management to multiple teams. The Surface Studio 2 for Business is a powerful device that fits right in with the modern financial office. Directors can utilize it to read through documents and use the Surface Pen to provide collaborative commentary. For conference calls or remote meetings, the 1080p HD cameras, advanced mics, Dolby Audio speakers and 4K PixelSense display work together to ensure top-of-the-line audio and visual quality. The Surface Book 2 for Business is designed especially to enhance productivity out of the office. This high-powered mobile device functions as a tablet as well as a laptop due to the detachable keyboard. It has the functionality of the Surface Studio 2 in a streamlined, compact package, so it’s a no-brainer for remote working directors.

Wealth Advisors

Wealth Advisors are responsible for creating unique financial plans while providing the best possible experience for their clients. Similar to insurance analysts, they need a compact device that is small in size, yet mighty in functionality. The Surface Pro with LTE Advanced for Business has Office co-authoring and OneDrive document sharing that make it easy to collaborate with team members in real time. Handwritten notes can be added to documents using the Surface Pen. Make crystal clear calls to colleagues and clients with Microsoft Teams and a microphone that cancels out background noise.

The Surface Pro with LTE Advanced for Business is sure to impress clients during meetings and presentations. The streamlined touch-screen design makes presentations pop. If you need expert advice or a question answered, other team members, can be conferenced in with a mere click of a button.

Investment Analysts

Investment Analysts need to provide well-researched advice and financial models to colleagues and clients that involves complex software. Analysts need to have a device that can process large amounts of data at record speeds. The Surface Book 2 for Business has an 8th generation Intel Core processor which allows them to make calculations with confidence.

Branch Workers

Branch workers are the first point of contact at every bank, so, it’s imperative they have a device that creates a good first impression on customers. The Surface Go for Business engages customers on the go with a beautiful PixelSense touchscreen and the weight of only 1.15 lbs.

There truly is a Microsoft Surface device tailor-made for each employee within the modern financial services industry. Contact your local Microsoft dealer today for more information on which Surface is right for you.

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