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Microsoft Surface – Checklist

As the workforce shifts towards more diverse functionality, it’s important to implement a digital transformation. Providing workspaces that have the ability for workers to make use of collaboration tools and technologies virtually has proven to save time and money for businesses, while also encouraging faster resolutions and increased productivity. To determine if your company is ready for the modern workforce, we’ve created a checklist to help you assess your strategy, so you can make the necessary changes – and connections - for a digital transformation.

People and Culture

As the saying goes, happy workers turn into happy customers. The workplace culture should keep workers inspired, engaged, interested and productive, all of which can be hard to achieve with digital adaptation. A study conducted on 210 business and facilities showed that team culture improved by 49% after investing in a fresh of collaborative spaces. To ensure the people and workplace culture are suited for the modern workforce, here are some things to consider:

  • Do the workers have the necessary resources to best tackle their individual to-do lists?
  • Does the workplace culture support the increased desire for flexible work styles?

Spaces and Environment

The environment in which your workers spend on a day-to-day basis plays a direct role in overall engagement, job satisfaction, creativity and productivity. The same study of 210 businesses and facilities, as mentioned above, showed that investing in refreshing collaborative space resulted in 51% higher employee satisfaction, and 40% more successful innovation and better use of collaborative technologies.

The most successful works environments provide a range of spaces that match diver work styles and responsibilities. From private, quiet areas to creative, meeting spaces that spark idea generation, it’s important to invest in technology that fully engages all employees. As reported, a higher engaged workforce surpasses the performance of their peers by 147%.

To ensure your workplace provides a creative, collaborative space that follows en suite, here are some things to consider:

  • Does your office space include refreshing team spaces for small, collaborative groups?
  • Does your office provide a quiet, contemplative area for workers to make use of?
  • Does your office provide work-space designs that accommodate both large presentations and casual meetings?


Without technology, a digital transformation is impossible. However, with such a wide range of options, determining what technology changes are needed can be just as difficult. Microsoft recently reported that 74% of small meeting rooms and 66% of large meeting rooms are not equipment with modern technology needed to facilitate collaboration. Here are some things to consider:

  • Do workers have desktop capabilities away from their desks?
  • Are conference rooms equipped with modern technology that allows for ideas to be generated, collected and engaged?
  • Does your business offer cloud-based connectivity for workers, so they can move freely around the office without delaying or losing work/productivity?
  • Has your business invested in technology that facilitates seamless brainstorming sessions from different locations?


With an increase in technology and flexible workspaces comes an increased concern for security. It’s vital to have the proper tool set in place to protect company data when workers are on the move, working remotely, etc. Prior to a digital transformation, it’s crucial to think about:

  • Do modern technology devices protect company data while workers are on the go?

By implementing the necessary steps and adapting your strategy to suit the needs and desires of a modern workforce, you’ll increase employee engagement, creativity, satisfaction and interest. This in turn, results in with increases in customer service, customer satisfaction and overall productivity, as well as many other benefits. Start your digital transformation today and that Star Tech can assist you and your business reach your goals.