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Microsoft Surface And The Digital Transformation

The digital transformation is upon us. Technology will continue to evolve and businesses of all sizes need to evolve with it. The first step is investing in new technology. As our landscape changes, we must change with it. Microsoft Surface can help ease the process of embracing the digital transformation by giving you a tool that is ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and power. Getting more done in a shorter period of time is new age business thinking. By harnessing the power of surface, new age business is accessible and obtainable.

Leading Technology to Empower your Business

If you need to get more done with less time, the newest Microsoft Surface (Surface Book 2) features two times more power than its predecessor, enabling you to process quicker and run more powerful applications. Complete with 17 hours of battery life you can be remote for an entire day. Besides the extended battery life and power, the Surface 2 is equipped with: 13.5” PixelSense™ for a vibrant display where the graphics just about bounce off the screen A quad-core Intel® processor The most recent incarnation of NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU A backlit keyboard We are only as good as the tools we use, and these features are sure to vault you ahead of your competition in both professionalism and functionality.

Adaptable, easy to use and versatile

Running any type of business requires versatility. The Surface has this in spades.

  • Laptop: This mode has professional-grade software, a full keyboard, trackpad, and touchscreen. For the office when you are digging into some reports or running through charts of financial information, the Laptop mode is perfect for the hard work.
  • Tablet: When you remove the detachable keyboard, your Surface transforms into a thin and lightweight tablet, perfect for those who are constantly on the go. Show your clients your presentation or data charts and let them hold the power. Touch features integrate with the newest design software differentiating you from your competitors.
  • Studio: With the addition of the Surface Dial and Pen, your design team can sketch and draw naturally. Take notes right in the middle of a presentation or make quick notes on a piece of creative. Circle what you need attention to and send it off quickly. Adaptability breeds creativity.
  • View: Create and give presentations (and watch Netflix on the weekends!) when you detach the screen, turn it around and reattach it to share content with the room. The end to end solution this product provides saves you from buying presentation specific hardware.

Enabling Creativity, Productivity, and Compatibility

Microsoft’s Surface is ideal for people whose work inspires. For example, architects, graphic designers, advertising gurus and other creative types can use the Surface to collaborate and come up with innovative designs without their imagination being stifled by outdated software. With the digital shift we are seeing in the marketplace, often times, people need to wear a lot of hats. The Surface encourages productivity and allows for better design due to its compatibility with Microsoft Office, Adobe and Autodesk Revit (to name a few). You can also connect your entire roster of devices to the Surface with USB3.1, full-size SD card and Surface Dock. Plus, the USB-C port can act as a single connector to charge your devices, display videos on external monitors and transfer files. In short, you can do anything and everything with this slick piece of hardware.

Work Globally and Remotely

When you’re on the road, so is your data. Security threats exist but you won’t know they’re even there because the Surface can aptly defend itself. When you work globally or remotely, you can rest assured that your data is guarded on the device itself and in the cloud where no one can access it without permission as the latest in encryption technology safeguards you and your information. Simply put, the Microsoft Surface is a perfect conduit for you to embrace the digital transformation instead of running from it.

Tony Tu  is our Microsoft Surface Channel Account Executive at Ingram Micro and can answer any questions you have on the products.