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Microsoft Office Security – 3 Ways to Outsmart Shadow It

The costs associated with maintaining a thriving business can be extensive but security is not one of the areas you should be skimping on. You’ve hired a burly security team and installed state-of-the-art alarm systems to prevent trespassers, but how are you protecting your company from Shadow IT.

What IS Shadow IT?

Shadow IT, also known as Stealth IT or Client IT, is any program that is built or used within a company without explicit permission from the organization. Typically, shadow IT offerings break multiple IT rules and can threaten the health and wellness of the network, and the data within it.

How can I protect my business against it?

Microsoft Office Security is one of the premier security options in today’s market, and for those who are in IT, it offers a fully customizable platform that will allow your team to be protected from the risks associated with Shadow IT.

Let us start with some stats: 87% of senior managers have loaded work files to a personal account or cloud account, and 72% of executives are not aware of how Shadow IT applications are being used by their organization. These are scary numbers but luckily for those who are looking for a way to outsmart Shadow IT, Microsoft Office Security offers three distinct advantages.

  1. Give Employees the capabilities they want

Knowing that the file sharing and collaboration services is at the top of an IT professional’s wish list, Microsoft Office Security’s motto is “Let them collaborate!” It allows workers to easily share and upload large documents to a secured cloud without concern of corporate data loss. The program allows for the tools that make collaboration easier to be utilized on a daily basis.

  1. Allows employees to work anywhere from any device

Many Shadow IT threats come from the outside environment, but with Microsoft Office Security removes productivity blockers and secure corporate data with one swoop, allowing employees to work on-the-go with peace of mind. This kind of flexibility is essential when you consider 77% of people feel more productive offsite. This program removes the need for Shadow IT and empower workers to utilize any device in any place.

  1. Gain visibility into IT usage

Considering that four out of five employees admit to using non-approved SaaS apps while at the job, and that 83% of Chief Innovation Officers are utilising some level of unauthorised cloud services, it should be no surprise that IT professional depend on Microsoft Office Security for the deep insight into network risks that it provides. The platform allows IT managers to identify high-risk activities, uncover Shadow IT applications and recognise authorized cloud storage. This is unparalleled in the IT world, and you can only get it with Microsoft Office Security.

Microsoft Office Security allows for employees to have access to the capabilities to do their job, ensure mobility is an option and allows IT professionals, to have visibility into risks and weak spots within the network. Shadow IT is not something to take lightly, but with Microsoft Office Security, you and your IT team will be in a position to limit and eliminate threats to your network and your corporate data. 

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