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Microsoft 365 and Surface: Better Together

Microsoft 365 and Surface provide optimal user experience in modern desktop technology. With the ability to connect users regardless of their physical location, Microsoft 365 and Surface is the dream combo for workers looking for versatility, cost-effectiveness, and ease-of-use. But don't just take our word for it, results from a Forrester analysis found three-year financial, productivity, and employee experience impacts for Microsoft 365 with Surface.

Save Time with Microsoft 365 and Surface

Imagine saving time working on common tasks. Microsoft 365 on Surface can save you five hours per week! For highly-mobile users, that figure almost doubles to 9 hours per week. Compare this to using Microsoft 365 on non-Surface devices which only saves highly-mobile users 4 hours per week, you'll see why using Microsoft 365 on Surface is the clear option. 

Increase your ROI while Improving Employee Experience

Users of Microsoft 365 on non-Surface products receive a 101% return on investment.  However, with Microsoft 365 on Surface, users get an additional 11% ROI! But here's more. Employers interviewed for this research found that 76% of their employees agree that Microsoft 365-powered Surface devices improve employee retention, 75% say it improves employee satisfaction, while 71% agree that they position their organization as a top employer.  With less employee churn, job satisfaction and better positioning, Microsoft 365 and Surface are the winning duo for high-performing organizations.                                                                                

Productivity Benefits of Using Microsoft 365 on Surface

With a 16 month payback and a $7,420 net present value per user, Microsoft 365 on Surface drives productivity for its users.  One survey respondent explains, “Microsoft 365-powered Surface devices have greatly eased access to critical information and content in the field, improving our sales function and helping us drive growth.” Along with the five hours of productivity gains on common tasks and processes, users also experienced enhanced teamwork capabilities through saving over three hours per week, and creative workers saved 27 minutes per week on creative tasks.

Modern Management of Microsoft 365 and Surface

Modern management includes providing improved security and IT solutions to enable high-performing companies to achieve more. Microsoft 365 and Surface offer security and IT benefits that includes an 86% reduction in help desk calls for password resets, an 80% decrease in security breach costs, a 50% reduction in the volume of annual security breaches, and a 15% reduction in device and application performance tickets.  The amount of labour time also decreases.  The number of labour hours spent provisioning each application is reduced by 2.5 hours,  while there is a 25-minute reduction in the labour time spent on configuration and deployment. 

Microsoft 365 and Surface bring more to organizations that are looking for enhanced benefits that only come with the best-in-class solutions. 

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*Click here to download the full report.