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Maximizing Your ROI From Microsoft 365 Enterprise With Microsoft Surface

When investing in new software for your laptop, it’s imperative that you get the biggest bang for your buck. There’s a reason why some technology companies are industry leaders and others are not. Microsoft is universally trusted in the realm of developing state-of-the-art technology, and they have outdone themselves with the Microsoft 365 Enterprise used on a Microsoft Surface!

Forrester Consulting recently conducted a study that highlights the potential return on investment (ROI) that your company may receive by choosing to install Microsoft 365 Enterprise on all of your Microsoft Surface devices:

The Numbers

Through the interviews, surveys and financial analyses conducted, it was found that organizations that use Microsoft Surface devices powered by Microsoft 365 Enterprise have a three-year financial impact of $21.06 million in benefits versus costs of $9.93 million, which leaves them with an impressive net present value of $11.13 million and a striking ROI of 112%!

Increased Business Value

The power that next-generation technologies have on worker productivity and satisfaction is huge! Microsoft 365’s technology-driven solutions that improve information sharing, enhance teamwork, accelerate decision-making, and drive process efficiencies make it a powerhouse.

In fact, 62% of information workers all agreed that using next-generation technologies helped make them more productive at their jobs due to a myriad of helpful tools such as voice recognition, digital pens, and even touch screens.

Additional data found by Forrester included:

  • Employees more than doubled the communication, information sharing, and business workflow productivity gains seen from using Microsoft 365 Enterprise without Surface ­– 5 hours in weekly productivity gains, equating to more than 12% a week.
  • Through the combined creative features of both Microsoft 365 and Surface, such as Pen, Touch, Dial, 3D in PowerPoint, Skype collaboration and Microsoft Teams, companies saved creative workers 27 minutes per day, equating to over 5% a week.
  • Over 3 hours a week were saved due to the teamwork enhancing tools offered by Microsoft 365 Enterprise powered by Surface.
  • Business decision-making by senior leadership was accelerated by nearly 21% versus 18% for leaders using Microsoft 365 Enterprise on other devices.
  • Companies were able to accelerate time-to-market and reduce product development costs through enhanced task prioritization, research and development collaboration, and improved data management and analytical capabilities. This resulted in an 11% reduction in product development overhead costs.
  • Mobile workers used Surface’s mobility features that include eSIM to enable secure work, strong battery life, and the ability to run multiple applications side-by-side to save over 4 hours per week, equating to 11% of the week.
  • IT saved two and a half hours per application provisioning request and over 25 minutes configuring each device with the provisioning synergies of Microsoft Surface, Windows AutoPilot, Windows 10, and EMS.
  • Help desk calls for password resets were reduced by over 86% while device and application performance-related tickets were reduced by 15%.
  • Organizations cut the volume of breaches experienced annually in half, thus reducing breach remediation costs by 80%.

The cherry on top? With all the exciting cost benefits of combining Microsoft 365 Enterprise with Surface, employees were found to experience increased job satisfaction! To begin maximizing your ROI, contact your Ingram Micro Specialist today.