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Managing a Virtual Sales Team

Enabling the Decentralized Office

The advent of COVID-19 introduced widespread workplace transformation. Remote work has become the norm. Even after the pandemic becomes history, it's projected that about 30% of workplaces will have some form of work-from-home policy. However, some companies may not be optimized to accommodate this change. This is particularly true for sales organizations.

A decentralized office can cause unwanted disruptions that diminish productivity and efficiency. A company needs measures that safeguard its operations while providing flexibility and freedom to its salesforce as they meet their quotas – all without sacrificing margins. Understanding potential sales barriers and adapting your internal processes and procedures accordingly can give you an edge in the new normal. Follow these tips and tricks to help you manage your virtual sales team to keep them motivated while achieving corporate goals.

Remaining synchronized as a sales team is imperative for optimal customer experience. To avoid critical client and prospect data loss, you should employ a customer relationship management (CRM) system. A CRM helps communication gaps and gives the internal team the confidence that all imperative details are captured.

Some of the benefits of using CRM include improving consistency while minimizing errors, increased visibility from an organizational lens, and putting performance tracking in the hands of management to help them empower reps in their continual efforts to exceed their goals.

With BrightGauge + ConnectWise Sell® you get integration gives enables reps to manage quotes nimbly and professionally—and never miss a beat.

Stick to the Process

As the economy shrinks, reps may take shortcut measures to close a deal. They are implementing standardized processes with checks and balances to deliver ongoing professionalism and reducing errors. According to one study, a business can generate 28% more revenue by using standardized processes over companies that do not.

With ConnectWise Sell – a quote and proposal automation software – you can implement new processes effortlessly: create quotes and proposals easily with templates, set pricing rules into the software, and use the software to set approval levels.

Through standardization, you get managerial oversight, professionalism, and team empowerment, which combine to give the rep more quality selling time.  

If reps are resistant to embracing these processes, remind them that they are in place to help the team succeed and win over customers. Learn more about automating your workflow.

It's Time to Level Up Sales Experience

Remote work removes some of the personal sales process's personal effects, but that doesn't mean that you cannot experience a successful relationship with a customer or a prospect. Look for the friction points and focus on eliminating those, for example, quickly clearing up any discrepancies between a quote and invoice. As digital business purchase increases (currently at 42%), the virtual interaction quality must also rapidly improve to deliver the best customer experience.

The sales rep can use several ways to improve service quality. A rep can attach a personal video greeting to a quote or ask how a client's family is coping during these times. Secondly, the rep can make things easy for the client, such as send an electronic document and allow for digital document signing. This brings us to the notion of adding convenience, wherever possible, such as an online payment tool for a quick product order. Lastly, you can provide on-demand service for repeat customers, for example, by creating a quote request feature that will quickly notify reps when they need to re-purchase.

Providing unmatched customer experience and reliable service can distinguish your sales force and create repeat clients. Want to make a good impression on your clients? Click here to learn how. 

Flourishing in the New Normal

Adapting sales to the remote workforce has had its unique challenges—companies must keep pace with the evolving landscape or get left behind. Your sales team may be working in a different capacity than before, but they can still achieve superb results with the right support and structure.

A digital office requires thoughtful tactics. Utilize the technology at your fingertips to empower sales reps and enrich the customer experience. Your products and services speak for themselves, but it's how you sell them that will enable your company to flourish. With the right management strategies, you can help keep your team's productivity high and aimed straight at company goals.

For more information about ConnectWise solutions, contact your Ingram Micro Sales Rep or Bill Capone - ConnectWise Channel Account Specialist at, 905-755-5000, ext. 55604.