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Let it store! Let it store! Let it store!

Advantages of Data Reduction Pools

Unstructured big data comprises 80% of corporate data. Is your customer talking about planning a hand-crafted storage architecture? Take advantage of high performance Flash or SSD drives through Data Reduction Pool technology.

The Concept:

The main concept around Data Reduction Pools (DRPs) is fine grained allocation of data block as well as  the ability to free unused capacity in a more granular way. The 8KB allocation size of the blocks compared to 32KB in the past, in the case of IBM spectrum virtualize storage, makes the unmap requests or addressability of data as small as 8KB. As all random read requests are 8KB (very small) it’s ideal for high IOPS Flash and SSD drives.


  1. Usability across a wider range of data types Enabled by better throughput for compressed data

  2. Reduction in overall storage required -Enabled by release and reuse storage based on server needs

  3. More consistent and predictable performance - Enabled by common allocation size

  4. Reduced storage costs specially for flash storage

How your clients store data affects data security, operational performance and on-demand access.

Here’s an opportunity to build a ‘trusted advisor’ credential with clients. Connect them to experienced and certified storage professionals from the Ingram Micro Professional Services team.

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