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One of Ingram Micro’s Best Kept Secrets


If you think “distribution” or “fulfillment” when you hear “Ingram Micro,” you’re certainly not alone. In fact, that’s exactly what I thought before I partnered with the esteemed company in late 2017, only to realize there’s so much more to its business units. From deep 3PL (third-party logistics) and scalable Cloud platforms to several lifecycle services, including insurance management; Ingram Micro partners effectively to deliver value to partners and their customers.

And now - tack on Professional and Training Services to that growing list.  Working as part of a solution team or as an independent partner, Ingram Micro’s various training and professional services can help evaluate, manage, deploy and service solutions to current customers, or as a part of an effort to develop new business relationships.

No wonder Ingram Micro’s Professional and Training Services  is often referred to the company’s “best-kept secret.”

With that in mind, here’s a brief look at a few offerings in this space.


Ingram Micro offers multiple security assessments to help keep customers’ secure and safeguarded against threats. This includes:

  • Penetration Test Assessments: Evaluate the effectiveness of an existing security network in multiple environments, including on-premise or cloud-based IPs, by enlisting the help of Technical Architects (“ethical hackers”) from Ingram Micro Expert Services. By using a mix of manual and automated testing techniques, customers benefit from pro-active monitoring and maintenance of IT infrastructure environments, to help them effectively manage day-to-day operations and plan for change, and have access to a single point of contact to gain help in troubleshooting, get answers to questions, and solve problems.

  • Web Application Vulnerability Assessment: Identify network security weaknesses before intruder’s attack. The number of malicious or criminal attacks is on the rise, costing Canadian businesses millions of dollars. Most organizations don’t test their software until it has already been created and nears the deployment phase, but experts believe this practice is ineffective and contributes to higher software development costs. Instead, let Ingram Micro experts help identify and correct network vulnerabilities as part of an ongoing strategy to support an organization’s software development lifecycle. A Web Application Vulnerability Assessment can help organizations identify vulnerabilities and provide a recommended approach to remediate these vulnerabilities based on industry best practices.

  • Cyber Security Advisory Service: Designed to give businesses a 360-degree view of their security posture, this Security Assessment includes two full days of consulting services by an Ingram Micro cybersecurity consultant evaluates people, processes, and technology -- to help a customer best understand their current defense posture. Resulting in a comprehensive report, this assessment provides consultative guidance across a range of security topics.

  • Social Engineering Test Assessment: You may be surprised to hear employees’ actions (or inactions) may be the weakest link in a company’s security – and not a software or hardware-based vulnerability that let the bad guys in. Often, it’s accidental rather than intentional, yet the end result could be the same: “Social engineering” has become one of the prevalent attack methods in use today, and thus a social engineering test assessment can help identify the potential holes in the “human network,” to prevent information breaches and to strengthen the company’s security and compliance posture.


Ingram Micro Professional and Training Services can help assess and/or manage your customers’ critical IT infrastructure:

  • Infrastructure Assessment: More so than at any other time in history, businesses today are constantly evolving to keep up with technology to help make them more productive, competitive, and streamlined. Virtualization, mobility, and unified communications have all transformed data centers and the way businesses operate. Your customers likely know they need a modern refresh to their practices, but they don’t know where to start. This is where an Infrastructure Assessment comes in, as it’s designed to provide an in-depth look at your customer’s network and server infrastructure, to assist in uncovering performance issues as well as planning for upgrades or future growth. The Ingram Micro Expert Technical Architect starts by gathering detailed data about assets, architecture, and performance; simulations can be run to assist with the planning process for upgrades and to validate proposed architecture improvements; and then a detailed, actionable report is generated.

  • Managed IT Services: Companies often try to do it all – often as a detriment to their overall business performance and growth. While a critical component to any company today, Information Technology (IT) could be outsourced to a trusted provider, so customers can focus on its core strengths. Ingram Micro Professional Services can provide pro-active monitoring and maintenance of IT infrastructure environments to help customers effectively manage day-to- day operations and plan for change -- and serve as a single point of contact to gain help in troubleshooting, get answers to questions, and solve known problems. From software and hardware monitoring (with proactive infrastructure alerts and reports) to network bandwidth analysis to remote and on-site support to asset and patch management, Ingram Micro is the experienced and reliable partner your customers may need.



Are your customers ready for the most significant technological innovation in recent memory? Ingram Micro to the rescue! Here’s how:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment: Help your customers learn, understand, and migrate to the cloud – an initial phase in which Ingram Micro professionals assess a customer’s business, and determine which cloud strategy is suitable for a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective migration. Providing actionable insights, this Cloud Assessment Service suggests an optimal cloud strategy and roadmap based on an appropriate platform selection (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), Cloud option evaluation (Public, Private or Hybrid), and cost benefit analysis. It’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario, so assessments are a key requirement to a successful strategy roadmap.

  • Office 365 Migration Services: Moving an organization to Office 365 is a multi-phased project that requires expertise in project management, change management, technical consulting, and technical support. And you can count on the Ingram Micro team to help plan, execute and train every step of the way. Despite popular belief, the process can be a seamless one, ensuring your customers’ emails, contacts, calendars, and data are smoothly and securely migrated with minimal disruptions. Benefits to moving to Office 365 include familiar tools yet backed by integrated security and cloud accessibility; a cost-effective modular approach; and includes all end-points in migration, desktop and mobility devices.​

  • Azure Site Recovery/Backup: Business disasters usually fall into three main categories: operational failure (including power failures, IT hardware failures), natural disasters (like floods or fires), and human-caused events (including malicious activities). Regardless, these can cripple an organization of any size – and so many have turned to an Azure Backup service to keep an organization’s data safe and recoverable. Ingram Micro’s Azure Site Recovery offers your customers the opportunity to test disaster recovery plans whenever you want, 100 percent backed by Microsoft for peace of mind, while data is always being backed up through continuous replication.

For any of these services and assessments, be sure to contact Ingram Micro Professional Services today.