Jabra PanaCast

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Jabra is a world-renowned brand that has taken giant leaps in the field of sound. They have immense expertise in professional, consumer, and medical audio technology. Backed by an unrivalled knowledge of the human ear working, they have come up with sound technology that filters out disruptive noises, let the right sound in, and developing innovative products with intuitive features.

Jabra is considered an industry leader in sound solutions and engineering communications. The company has engaged in innovations that have empowered businesses and consumers. It is a proud addition to the GN Group and committed to let people do more, hear more, and enjoy the best sound solutions. Its video and sound engineering products have helped transformed lives. Today, Jabra is synonymous with excellence in engineering and has 150 years of work magnitude to show.

Jabra PanaCast

The company has engineered, designed, and developed high-end communication tools and headsets that have helped achieve greater work productivity by the professionals. Earbuds and wireless headphones have helped consumers enjoy music, calls, and media in a hassle-free manner.  They have also come up with pioneering video conferencing solutions that have enabled seamless collaboration between multiple teams. The latest tool in the company's array of products is PanaCast, the first intelligent, 180-degree panoramic, 4K plug-and-play video conferencing solution in the world.

How Jabra PanaCast Works

With Jabra PanaCast, you get high-end video and audio-conferencing solutions. It is certified for use with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other collaboration tools. Irrespective of any equipment used, teams can connect easily.

What makes this product incredibly unique? This powerful plug-and-play device helps to bring a marked improvement in huddle room meetings by using real-time video stitching, giving a 180-degree view and three 13-megapixel cameras. It is a unique video collaboration camera system providing wall-to-wall audio, video, and data coverage. Its three cameras stream continuously, helping businesses to achieve optimal productivity and collaboration.

Bringing the Meeting Room to Life

Jabra PanaCast has brought meeting rooms to life with its high-end conference speakerphone series, "Speak." Its seamless integration with Speak helps in optimal UC experience optimization. It has empowered users to hold meetings from any place without compromising the quality of audio reception. Jabra's unique technology provides HD Voice, an omnidirectional microphone, 360-degree coverage, and sounds picked up from any angle.

Various spaces and huddle rooms have received added value, with Jabra PanaCast bringing the state-of-the-art video collaboration solutions. It is a user-friendly device that can be mounted on a digital display or perched atop a wall with mounting hardware. It enjoys a robust connection to any compatible device with the help of its USB-based connection for instant mobile meeting capability and setup.

One of the most exciting aspects of this solution is its remarkable compatibility with cloud-based solutions like Skype, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, BlueJeans, Unify Circuit, and more. Professionals can use this plug-and-play device with existing collaboration service solutions using the USB Port of the computer in just a few seconds.

The company wishes to challenge the market in audio and video solutions with this device that offers the best video, audio, and data. Statistics indicate a four-time growth in video meetings and a 20 percent lower duration of meeting using this device. It is a proven solution, particularly in the current situation, when staying connected with business counterparts and clients are largely dependent on meeting rooms.

Jabra PanaCast is all set to revolutionize the professionals' meeting room experience with its tech-advanced device and solutions.

For more information on Jabra solutions including the PanaCast product line, contact Mira Mistry - Jabra Product Specialist.

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