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Jabra PanaCast and Healthcare

Jabra PanaCast – Health

PanaCast is an intelligent plug-and-play AI-enabled device with three 13-megapixel cameras for 180-degree views of the room. It has created a stir in the new work scenario post-COVID-19. It is one device that is making work-from-home effective and productive, like never before. Compatible with cloud-based apps like Zoom, Teams, Skype, and Hangout, it has helped innumerable teams connect locally and internationally with incomparable precision and clarity in video and audio parameters.

One key area where Jabra PanaCast is proving to be a big help is the Healthcare sector. Telehealth and Telemedicine have evolved slowly in the last ten years. But, there has been a literal explosion with COVID-19 becoming a pandemic throughout the world in the past few months. The novel virus has forced billions of people to stay home.

The medical fraternity had a challenging time coming to terms with the concept of examining and administering medications to their patients digitally. Telehealth has never been a very comfortable domain for neither doctors nor patients because the physical face-to-face interaction had no alternate somehow. However, during COVID-19, things changed, and both parties had to accept the digital platform as the go-to solution for continued well-being and healing.

Jabra PanaCast – helping combat the challenges of conventional healthcare during COVID-19

What do healthcare providers and patients need to replicate the scenario at the clinic or doctor's offices? They need a solution that offers seamless connectivity between patients and doctors which makes use of and runs on existing applications and platforms. The product needs to be simple to set up, user-friendly, and installed quickly. The solution would also need to be cost-effective and used across multiple environments.

Jabra offers the perfect solution to the healthcare industry that meets all of the above requirements and more. The brand has a unique solution for healthcare professionals. Jabra PanaCast is a technological innovation that spearheads a revolution in the new way healthcare professionals are now expected to deliver exceptional patient care standards. Jabra PanaCast has an unsurpassable quality of audio-video features that are helping doctors and health care organizations live up to the expectations of patients in the new world.

Benefits of Jabra PanaCast – a smart device that is made just for you

PanaCast is simple to use and seamless to install. This plug and play USB device is portable, handy, and above all, makes your work smooth. It enables you to connect one-to-one to offer personalized care to your patients and works easily with modern and advanced platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and more. Be easily able to monitor your patients, round the clock, without any technical stress or strain with high-quality video and audio feed. Go on scheduled virtual rounds to get a report of your patients in real-time. The video's clarity offers a panoramic view of each person in the room. Also, the clarity is speech-enabled through the built-in microphones. For superior audio performance, PanaCast can be connected easily with Jabra’s Speak product.

Jabra PanaCast goes several notches higher than the conventional AV equipment. It helps in the execution of excellent patient care and back-office operations, be it doctor's meet, the administration-related team meets, communicating with staff members and their families, public health authorities, and more. For staff members working around the clock in COVID-19, hospitals can now connect with their friends and families anytime, keeping their social support network updated on their condition and status.

For more information about Jabra's PanaCast product or other Jabra solutions, contact Mira Mistry - Jabra Product Specialist at Ingram Micro.