Jabra PanaCast and Education

January 5, 2021 Ingram Micro

Jabra PanaCast – Education

The new virus has been creating havoc since the beginning of 2020. One of the worst affected of COVID-19 could have been the Education industry – thousands of schools, colleges, and learning institutes that had to close down during the pandemic. Most of them are still not open worldwide. Thankfully, through the months of lockdown, this was the only industry that went on with its daily routine, unaffected in many ways. Thanks to technology, children continued learning from home, while teachers persisted with their teachings from their homes.


With recent advancements in technology, the world has welcomed a new era of digitalized education. And, aiding the industry to do so are robust and smart tools like Jabra PanaCast. The revolutionary device powered by Artificial Intelligence is one of the most powerful and enterprising solutions innovated by the hi-tech brand leader, Jabra. With three powerful 13-megapixel camera and two built-in microphones, this plug and play device works brilliantly with major meeting apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, taking virtual meetings to another level. Also, the fact that you do not have to invest separately in a compliant smart device acts as an add-on. The camera works incredibly smoothly with all kinds of smart devices like laptops, desktops, a screen or a TV. 


Synching Jabra PanaCast with a virtual class

Schools and teachers now have a robust tool or camera in hand that can be added to their laptops by a simple installation process. PanaCast can be mounted on the top of a laptop or desktop and can be synced seamlessly with almost all major meeting applications like Skype and Google Meets. It is a tool that comes on-board with plenty of cost-effective solutions; teaching and learning can now take advantage of the technologically advanced features of the Jabra PanaCast.


These are the features that help add a competitive edge to the way your teaching staff is imparting knowledge and learning to their students:


User friendly

There was practically no time for teachers to upscale their technical and digital skills when COVID-19 stuck suddenly in March 2020. Therefore, they needed learning apps and solutions that empowered them to teach online to replicate a classroom setting in real-life exactly. Jabra PanaCast can easily integrate with existing desktops and laptops, mobiles, and tablets. This AI-enabled AV equipment operates in a plug and play mode. It means that you can plug the device and you are ready to get started. It does not take more than a few seconds to get going for the installation process to initiate and conclude. It is compatible with almost all operating systems and devices – so, no cause of stress or tension – it works typically with virtually all kinds of devices, globally. It is handy and portable, wall or device-mountable, ensuring zero hassle when using this new-age audio-video equipment.


Superlative video and audio quality

 The challenges of online teaching were many. One such challenge was a visualization of students in the classroom. Jabra PanaCast has three superior high-resolution cameras that cover the entire virtual class from a 180-degree perspective. Teachers can now not only have a look at all the students at one go, but they can also do so with enhanced clarity and precision. It makes monitoring and communication so much more convenient. 


Jabra PanaCast also has an additional feature where teachers can select one particular student and focus on the student. This feature makes the virtual classroom as effective as the real-life class in the school. 


When it comes to audio signals, built-in microphones in the laptop and desktop can cause so much stress, with distortions and poor audio quality always a big issue with online teaching. Jabra PanaCast has a powerful feature that helps with optimal verbal communication. Even if the audio quality does appear crystal clear with these microphones, you have the option of using Jabra's Speak speakerphone together with PanaCast. It is another innovative device with unparalleled audio quality that blends a virtual class effectively with a class in the real-life. 

All of these features help make collaboration, teaching, and learning seamless and productive. With new-age technology and superb engineering, Jabra PanaCast facilitates enhanced learnings, enabling teachers to teach in their best avatar.


For more information on Jabra PanaCast or other Jabra solutions, contact your Jabra product specialist - Mira Misty.

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