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IoT Sensor Placement

These days, there is an increased trend of using battery-powered IoT sensors. It is a common perception that the operation of sensors will be the same in the target deployment (walk-in coolers/freezers) as in the environment where the sensors are configured i.e. Room temperature. The point that most people overlook is that although sensor circuitry might be resilient to low/high temperatures, the operation and life of the batteries is severely impacted by these extreme conditions. This, along with factors like increased humidity etc. result in shorter life and could malfunction, otherwise long-lasting sensors.

In a nutshell, sensor placement might sound and look trivial but proper sensor placement is, in fact, more technical than one would think!

Ingram Micro Professional Services IoT Site Survey ensures that these environmental factors are covered at an early stage in the solution design. This ensures the right components are ordered the first time thereby avoiding surprises during and post-deployment.

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