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IoT for You and Me

When Savio Lee, Lead for IoT at Ingram Micro Canada, said he wanted to create a physical experience center, no one was sure what that meant. But as he started to talk animatedly about the objectives, possibilities and opportunities of such a center, his vision became clear and The Ingram Micro Canada ‘Smart Operations Experience Centre’ (SOEC) was born.

The Smart Operations Experience Centre (SOEC) is an IoT solutions center that will showcase fully functional, end-to-end IoT solutions for multiple verticals using Ingram’s ecosystem of technology from switches, to servers with the mission to help our customers and their end users define IOT in their own words.

“I’m excited about IoT as a whole, but particularly the ability for it to accelerate the learning and understanding of IoT concepts - especially in sensors, gateway, cloud, applications and analytics,” says Savio.  “We are excited to drive adoption and accelerate sales cycles with end customers through effective solution demonstrations in multiple verticals and multiple industries.  Ingram’s ability to recruit ISVs by showcasing our ecosystem and services aids in a fully integrated ecosystem for our joint customers.”

With Intel’s huge focus on IoT, it only made sense for them to join Ingram as a trusted partner in launching the SOEC which will be made accessible to vendors, channel partners, and end customers. “Intel aligns very well with Ingram Canada’s IoT strategy both at the business and technology level,” says Lee, “Ingram is the IoT technology and solution aggregator.  Within SOEC will be number of multi-vertical solutions that are Intel powered and showcase the critical role that Intel plays as part of the broad IoT ecosystem.”

The key takeaway here is the ability for partners to leverage the Ingram SOEC to gain an understanding of the technology and how it is used to transform the way we live. Being able to place Intel and our other valued IoT Vendor Partners within this ecosystem gives our customers and their end users a visual of the “Big Picture”– The Internet of Things essentially.

Look out for the Launch of Ingram Micro Canada Smart Operations Experience Centre in April 2018!

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