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Introducing Ingram Micro Self-Service API Integration Solutions

Ingram Micro’s collection of APIs is our new eCommerce solution that uses cutting-edge technology allowing business processes and system integration with our partners.  These APIs deliver cost reduction and process improvement of day-to-day business activity.
The APIs allow seamless integration of the order process from the customer to Ingram Micro. Customers can empower their purchasing team to have instant access to Ingram Micro’s inventory and can also be used to provide a similar ‘virtual warehouse’ scenario to an end-user website. Data and process flows can be incorporated into a customer’s financial and ordering system, desktop applications and more.  
APIs are a real-time system, which means that transactions are processed within seconds and provide accurate data directly from Ingram Micro’s system. Our customers can use the power of the APIs to deliver fast and accurate data internally to their purchasing team and their end-customers. High quality, high accuracy and high-speed data allow business decisions to be made with confidence.
We invite you and your IT organization to visit, explore and plan to leverage our new solutions offering.  
We also want to introduce Partner Central—Ingram Micro’s new self-service integration API portal. Like a lot of our customers, you’ve asked for the ability to:
  • Check pricing and availability, view special pricing
  • Create, modify, view and cancel orders
  • Single order for everything: Send Ingram Micro a single order containing stocked & manufacturer direct-ships, we’ll handle the order management  
  • View your order and invoice details
  • Request a list of existing quotes & quote details
  • Get freight estimates (future feature)
Through Partner Central, you’ll be able to do all this and more by integrating your systems with ours and automating your processes via real-time API. It’s a fast, easy way to streamline and simplify your business, reduce administrative time, and boost your efficiency and accuracy.
Click here to visit our new Partner Central Self-service API Solution to learn more and get started. Email us with your questions.