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Intel NUC Mini PC Provides Operational Form Factor Advantages to Torvan Medical


Torvan Medical is a leader in the design and manufacture of supplies and workspace solutions for the medical and scientific industry. Their experienced team of design engineers and professionals help bring safe and ergonomic customized solutions to the market for healthcare and research, including sterile stainless-steel workspaces, equipment, and disposables. A knowledgeable team works closely with customers to design and manufacture solutions that support their business and safety requirements, space, and budget so they can get back to what's critical—caring for customers and innovating the scientific solutions of tomorrow. 

The company faced some technical issues that were affecting its ability to meet its customers' needs. It was challenging for the company to develop digitally capable products within timeframes to meet current market demands. "Developing our own embedded control systems is not always possible or cost-effective," noted Jane Margaret MacIsaac, Technical & Compliance Manager, Torvan Medical. "Having the [Intel] NUC CPU as an available solution provides us the agile and versatile control solutions we need so that we can focus on the user functionality and the user experience instead of the engineering side."

Integrating NUC (next unit of computing) CPUs into Torvan Medical's Operational Environment

To get back in line with customer demand, Torvan opted for the Intel NUC CPUs. The Intel® line of NUC CPUs provided an agile and versatile control solution, which allows the company to focus on user experience and functionality. Before integrating the NUC 5 into its products, Torvan faced finding a CPU that could operate in high-temperature environments during production. With the Intel® NUC CPUs, there is no easy access to a control solution that fulfilled high-temperature requirements, which enabled Torvan to bring its product to market efficiently.

"We work in a tight environment…space is limited," highlighted Chris Glencross, Managing Partner, Torvan Medical. "[With Intel NUC CPU], we are able to scale the internals…the way we want, as opposed to buying something and not being to change it very easily."

Opting for the Intel NUC was a careful decision because of the intricacies of Torvan's operations. Intel® NUC was the ideal choice because of three primary reasons. Firstly, the 64-bit architecture enables a faster RAM or additional RAM, which supports the growing complexity of software development in its products. Besides, the operation envelope allows the NUC to work in the more extreme environments needed for some of its products. And lastly, the mounting plate will enable Torvan to securely attach it to the interior of its products as its compact size makes it easy to integrate into closely packed machines and ship as a service part.  

Realizing Quick Benefits

By integrating Intel NUC CPUs, Torvan now boasts that business has not only been running smoothly but consistently and reliably. With supply access and product reliability, the development team has increased responsivity in developing and maintaining Torvan's digitally integrated products.
Because the NUC is flexible as a drop-in computer, without being too expensive, Torvan Medical can use them as regular, embedded computer control systems. In its day-to-day operations, the production team also uses the NUC to access files such as work instructions and shipping labels.   

Now that Torvan has been experiencing better productivity with the Intel NUC, it recommends the products for similar environments. It lists several reasons for its recommendation, including the fact that the NUC CPU meets heat resistance specifications, does not come with high upfront costs, is flexible as a PC platform, with its high-quality certification, documentation, and testing makes the NUC a reliable product. 

Having a reliable supplier like Ingram Micro gives Torvan Medical excellent supply access, which is critical in ensuring customers have what they need and on time.

Watch below as Devlin Norris, Canadian Distribution Manager, Intel, interviews Jane Margaret MacIsaac and Chris Glencross.

Interested in learning more about the Intel® NUC CPU?  Email Ankit Burma, Intel Sales Specialist, Ingram Micro.