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Integrating Security Solutions for better threat Prevention

The increasing number of cybersecurity threats has spawned a multitude of different products over the years.  Customers and IT personnel are debating between tackling this issue with best of breed point products vs. the sole vendor integrated solution. 

While best of breed can give the customers top of the line products they can be difficult to manage due to their lack of integration.  This compromises the perception of the customer to get an end to end security approach. 

On the other hand, the integrated solution provides full threat information exchange between solutions giving the customer a more holistic method.  It doesn’t matter what approach you choose, McAfee has the capability to integrate with third party products like Cisco, Checkpoint, Forcepoint, FireEye and many others.  This is accomplished by the open source communication fabric Open DXL. 

To learn more about McAfee’s capabilities and how you can better protect your environment, contact Ingram Micro for more information +1 (905) 755-5000 x 55356.

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