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Humans of Toronto and How They Use Adobe Acrobat


No matter what business or industry you’re in, Adobe users have reason to celebrate with the release of the latest version of Adobe Acrobat X. Used more than any other format, the PDF (or Portable Document Format) is one of the most persistent digital document formats on Earth over the last two decades. New features have been built into the PDF software, giving Acrobat X users everywhere more control and functionality than ever to communicate effectively.

Here are 5 professions that would benefit from Adobe Acrobat and how each would uniquely utilize the application:

#1 Corporate Humans

Corporate users of Adobe can streamline countless tasks involving forms and signatures. The built-in Adobe Acrobat e-signature tool makes it easier than ever to receive, sign, and send documents internally as well as outside of an organization. Banks, government entities, law offices, and almost any class of professional activity uses digital signatures within the Adobe Acrobat software. It saves countless hours and courier fees with better tracking and safe backups of digital documents.

#2 Recruiter Humans

Consider a recruiting firm – to connect employers, candidates, and new hires with critical documents you need to ensure timely selection and hiring. Every minute counts when a job goes unfilled or a person needs to begin work. The new paper-to-digital tools make it easy to upload paper resumés or job applications into a digital format with form-creating functions and editing at your fingertips. Ensuring the security and trustworthiness of a file is effortless with Acrobat X as each document created can be controlled and secured as necessary.

#3 Construction and Architecture Humans

The construction and architecture industry relies on documentation to ensure quality and safety for any job. Government regulatory and planning departments typically accept PDFs for blueprints and development applications. Acrobat is more than just a text viewer – it can handle large-scale drawings, images, and detailed maps effortlessly. An essential tool for anyone involved in building and construction, PDFs and Acrobat are a great way to transmit rich-format documents in a small package with near-universal acceptance across the industry.

#4 Government Humans

Government forms are painful and slow to fill out on paper but the implementation of PDFs within the government has streamlined the interaction between bureaucrats and regulators in business matters. Smart forms, the ability to save, and a reduction in paper use are all great improvements over paper forms. Editing tools, locked text, and smart fields are a more effective way for information to be collected from citizens while processing errors and language barriers are much easier to overcome with smart documents made using Acrobat.

#5 Web Designer Humans

With a click of a button, web designers can utilize the web page converter in Acrobat X to quickly transform an online site into a PDF document, simplifying the process of sending mock-ups for review. Hosting a test site is great, but many web design clients prefer to browse the entire site in one, comprehensive format. Instead of worrying about display differences and software versions, designers rely on PDFs for easy use and clear images to present their work to their clients.

Adobe Acrobat has countless tools and functions to increase productivity for businesses. The possibilities are endless given the robust design and deep planning that went into the latest version. Digital documents are a cornerstone of any modern business, and Acrobat X is a powerful piece of software in the hands of a smart business owner or manager.

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