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How to Use Wearable Technologies to Accelerate Productivity and Generate ROI for Your Customers

Concerns over worker safety, and broader integration of Internet of Things (IoT) and network connectivity have propelled the use of wearable devices in the industrial sector. Wearables supported by connected worker programs can help increase productivity, efficiency, and safety.

For the past several years, RealWear has outfitted frontline workers with a wearable assisted reality solution that, for the first time, allowed them to use voice commands to remotely collaborate with others, navigate through complex workflows, all while keeping their hands and field of vision free. Assisted reality refers to a maturing technology that displays a non-immersive display of relevant content via a heads-up display. The user controls it with simple voice commands even in high noise, bright or darkened environments while maintaining full situational awareness.

It should come as no surprise that industrial companies are investing significantly in digital transformation, including wearable technologies, to enable uninterrupted communication and collaboration in the present and foreseeable future. Disruptions caused by the pandemic have further accelerated the ongoing adoption of IoT, ML and cloud technologies to ensure business continuity and that trend is expected to continue.

6 Tips to Success

Follow these tips to grow your business and help your customers save time and money to enact digital transformation and achieve fast results without compromising safety for productivity:

  1. Assess your business model and how assisted reality wearables can enhance your service offerings
  2. Review customer and prospect portfolio and consult with your sales team to determine where assisted reality fits and how you can build out your front-line team capabilities
  3. Identify hands free use cases such as remote expert guidance, virtual assist and digital workflows together with respective hardware and software requirements
  4. Develop relationships with ecosystem vendors and become familiar with their offerings and key differentiators
  5. Train the team including Sales, Marketing, IT and operations
  6. Market the solution! Your ecosystem partners are more than happy to help drive this together...

Ready to get started? Engage with us today and embark on your assisted reality journey!

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