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How To Choose The Right Adobe Acrobat For Your Customer

In this culture of abundance where three competing coffee companies can dominate a single street corner, we are not lacking in options. In the software industry, Adobe Acrobat has risen to the occasion with a range of options that are positioned to accommodate the specific needs of every company. Your task is to select the right solution for your customer and this four-step plan will ensure that you find the best fit.

Step One

Begin the process by having a conversation with your client to see what version of Adobe Acrobat they have. Most clients fall into four categories – those who have yet to purchase Adobe Acrobat, those that are using Acrobat X or prior, those with Acrobat XI, or those with Acrobat DC. This is an integral step as it will help determine the price point, their upgrade eligibility and whether they are running unsupported software that needs upgrading.

Step Two

This step is to determine the size of the organization. You can split businesses into three distinct categories when considering options for Acrobat – those with less than 50 seats, those with between 50 and 100 seats, and those companies with more than 100 seats. This will assist you in determining the right licensing program that you can pitch.

Step Three

Next, you will need to determine if the company has SSO in their IT environment that is able to manage user access to software, files or the security. Companies that do have SSO within their IT environment will be able to utilise enterprise, if the fit is right but if they don’t have SSO, Acrobat DC for Teams is the better choice as it ensures a simplified deployment of the software, security across all devices, expert technical support, flexible transactional pricing and discounts for volume orders.

Step Four

If a company has given the go on the previous step, now if the time to ask if they want 24/7 enterprise support as well as the ability to have different groups and administrators. If the answer is no, Acrobat DC for teams is the pick for them, otherwise Acrobat DC for Enterprise provides multiple ID types, an ability to have multiple administrators and user groups. For companies with extensive support needs, the great discounts on volume orders and flexible transactional pricing makes the 24/7 enterprise support worth it.

A quick review

Acrobat offers three-tiered solutions that will ensure your client gets the software that matches their needs. Adobe DC for Enterprise provides the high-level support and heavy duty solution for larger corporations while companies who strive to increase productivity and improve collaborative efforts without sacrificing security should turn to Acrobat DC for Teams. Finally, for the frugal-minded who prefer keeping their files off the cloud, Acrobat X is the answer to their problems.

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