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Greener Cleaner Comfort: For the Retail World

It’s light. It’s comfortable. It’s green. It’s:

  • Battery-free
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced recycling of battery and handling costs
  • Reduced storage requirements
  • Decrease downtown
  • Environmentally friendly

Our world has been striving year over year to become greener, cleaner, better. So introducing an environmentally friendly barcode scanner by Honeywell should come as a sigh of relief for the retail world.  This first ever battery- free scanner runs off supercapacitors. A what? A supercapacitor is an electrostatic energy source.   With a positive and negative plate these double-layered capacitors produce energy when supplied with voltage. Originating in the 1950s this technology has never been adapted prior for the retail world, specifically for retail scanners.  The supercapacitor scanner is ideal as a POS system as it holds a short charge of a few minutes but takes seconds to recharge once nestled back into its cradle.  That means no more lithium-ion batteries. Who doesn’t want to go Green?

Learn more about the Honeywell Green Option for Barcode Scanning.

Sponsored by: Honeywell