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How to save time going from concept to prototype

Being in the creative industry, you can imagine an ideal world where an all-in-one solution exists for UX/UI that takes you from concept to prototype with ease. Now you can save that imagination for the creative process because Adobe XD is all you need for designing, prototyping, and sharing websites and mobile apps. As part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe XD CC gives designers access to UX software from anywhere. 

Since its launch in 2017, Adobe XD CC has given designers a new set of tools for prototyping their creative vision. One of the most important phases in the design process, prototyping brings proof of concept to life by making it available for testing prior to launch.

These are the key features of Adobe XD CC that allow designers to go from concept to prototype faster, the only end-to-end solution you need!

Fixed Elements

This feature allows designers to fix a design object to a position on the artboard and layer them below or above other objects. It’s an intuitive solution that streamlines the prototyping process.

From Low To High

Whether you’re working in a small or large screen environment, Adobe XD CC lets you create with ease. In the latest version, designers can develop low-fidelity sketches on a mobile device and seamlessly convert them into high-fidelity designs by adding copy, images, and final touches. At every step of the way, you can preview designs at both high or low levels of detail.

Collaboration Made Easy

With Adobe XD CC, creative teams can share library assets and receive feedback from licensed users without facing disruptions. Adobe CC content sharing options allow for real-time iteration and refinement for speedier, more responsive design prototyping.

Cross-Platform Integration

Creative Cloud users can open Photoshop files in XD with a simple (right) click of a button. Plus, designs from Illustrator can be included by accessing Creative Cloud Libraries or better yet, Adobe XD CC files can be exported to third-party workflow apps. Prototypes created by Mac users in XD can be opened and edited in popular UX/UI design tools like Avocode, ProtoPie, Sympli, Kite Compositor, and Zeplin. However, this feature is only available to Mac users for now.

Instant Access to Quality Stock

Smooth and responsive on both Mac and PC, Adobe XD CC includes Adobe Stock integration for unhindered access to licensed images, videos, and graphics. A simple drag-and-drop interface allows Adobe Stock content to be added to your prototype with a single click. This means no more copyright flagging or licensing issues when drafting your prototype.

Familiar Interface

Designers already accustomed to Adobe Illustrator will feel right at home when using the design tools in XD. Although simplified, the tools in XD closely mimic Illustrator and include many similar features such as overlay support, repeat grid functionality, and contextual layering. 

View Artboards On-The-Go

Once a prototype is developed, they can be viewed anywhere. Whether on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, Creative Cloud users can pull up XD prototypes quickly from any location. Best of all, zoom functions are perfected in the most recent XD release, which enables users to zoom in and out of canvases without the annoying lag or slow-downs.

With the launch of Adobe XD CC, UX/UI designers now have an intuitive cross-platform design solution in their toolkit. Thanks to a simple click-and-drag interface, designers can flip over to prototype mode easier than ever before. For More information contact your IM Adobe Channel Account Specialist Ian Herman at