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Enjoy Multi-Year Savings Benefits with Adobe VIP Select 3-Year Commit

With all the options available to people these days, there’s something to be said for those who can commit and that should be rewarded. In 2016, Adobe rolled out their Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP), which lets subscribers personalize their licensing program and commitment period. But did you know that Adobe VIP Select members on a 3-year commitment plan can take advantage of exclusive multi-year discounts?

As an Adobe VIP Member, organizations can purchase and deploy Adobe products with the centralized Admin Console which can then be used to assign and unassign products for users on your plan.

Management is made simple for VIP Members, no matter how many licenses are added to the account. Through the Admin Console, administrators are always kept in-the-know about how many licenses are deployed and who is using them. Plus, it only takes a few clicks to ensure that the right team members have access to the products they need.

When choosing term options, VIP Members can personalize their subscription length to best suit their needs. Whether on a one-year commitment, an 18-month commitment, or 3 years or more, VIP Members are given the flexibility to choose whichever length is appropriate for their needs.

VIP Select Pricing

With the introduction of Adobe VIP Select, new discount levels are unlocked for users who purchase more licenses. There are four discount tiers in total, with VIP Select members having access to the top three.

How to Qualify 

VIP Members automatically qualify for VIP Select when they purchase a single order of 10 or more licenses. Alternatively, VIP Members can qualify for Select status with an automated look-back 31 days before their subscription Anniversary Date. The look-back counts the number of licenses bought during your existing subscription period and, if there is a total of 10 or more, all subsequent orders will qualify for discount pricing reserved for VIP Select members.

VIP Select 3 Year Commitment: Even More Savings

As a way of saying thank you for your loyalty, Adobe offers additional savings benefits to VIP Select members who sign up for a 3-year commit. VIP Select members with a 3-year commit are given extended year budgeting options at a higher discount tier.

Whereas regular VIP Select members are given a 5% discount on their first 49 purchased licenses and 10% off all subsequent licenses, VIP Select members with a 3-year commit are discounted by 10% and 15% respectively. Unfortunately, a 3-year commit is not available to VIP Members who choose a pay-upfront extended term.

Benefits of a 3-Year Select Commit

When VIP Select members accept a 3-year commit, they are given the benefit of making annual payments that are charged twice during the course of the commit period. Then, all license purchases are locked to the top-tier discount level as long as users uphold their end of the deal.

All VIP Select members on a 3-year commit must maintain a minimum number of licenses throughout their committed term. This number is equal to the quantity of licenses purchased at the time of agreeing to the 3-year commitment. For example, if a company qualifies for VIP Select with 80 licenses, then purchases an additional 20 before accepting a 3-year commit, they must maintain no fewer than 100 licenses during their commitment period.

Contact your IM Adobe Channel Account Specialist Ian Herman at about how to unlock your Adobe VIP savings.