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Endpoint Protection: Have you considered all possibilities?

The number of endpoints entering the workforce from laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. is constantly increasing.  Are these endpoints secure? Where does all this data reside? Is it in your data centers? What? You don’t have a datacenter? Are you going to run out of storage? Are you going to open your network to possible breeches with BYODs?  And while you ponder these questions do you also wonder - In a changing world, do you necessarily want to change your whole environment all in one go? Do it in stages, or do it altogether?

We can help you make the most strategic decision and this is why FireEye supports legacy. Why support legacy? Our question to you is – Why not?  We simultaneously support Cloud and Legacy technologies to give you the confidence in the old stuff, while we help you understand the scope of the new stuff….without introducing another complex technology. A 2015 Gartner survey says, “SaaS is the first choice for only 16 percent of CIOs surveyed by Gartner in 2015.”

FireEye’s greater deployment flexibility, lower cloud transitioning costs and simplified security operations make it easy to fly high with FireEye!  From fully-managed endpoint security to on-prem – We’ve got you covered. With new product releases, learn more about how you can access the best endpoint protection for you.