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Do You Have Customers Still Using Adobe Acrobat XI or Older Versions? Upgrade Them Now to Avoid Security Risks

Using a third-party application to prepare, protect and share your business’s most critical documents and information requires optimal security, and although Adobe PDF application is the world’s leading PDF solution, technology has changed and so have the necessary security measures. As such, if you have customers using Adobe Acrobat XI or an older version, it’s imperative to upgrade them today to avoid security risks moving forward. Here’s what your business and customers can expect from the upgraded Adobe Acrobat DC.

Adobe Acrobat DC Goes Mobile

The latest Adobe PDF solution integrates Acrobat desktop software with the PDF mobile application, Adobe Acrobat Reader. This allows businesses to keep valuable information secure in today’s mobile, connected world across various platforms and from different locations.

Integration with Adobe Document Cloud Services Allows for a Secure Digital Transformation

Another important update provided with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat is its integration with Adobe Document Cloud Services. This allows businesses to create, edit, collaborate and manage documents from various locations and from different devices, making it an essential tool for a digital transformation.

Ability to Apply Various Security Measures to Documents

Adobe Acrobat DC offers revolutionary document security settings to help businesses avoid security risks. Document authors can now apply various security measures, such as access control, encryption, certificate signatures and permanent removal of images and text via the new redaction tool, to keep information private and confidential.

  • The encryption meets all security standards supported by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute  
  • The access control features provide document authors with full control over who accesses, copies, prints or edit any PDF document
  • The new digital signature security lets users manage the entire signing process that comply with the e-signature laws put in place in the European Union, United States and industrialized nations across the globe
  • The new set of redaction tools allow you to search for patterns, such as credit card numbers and email addresses, so authors can permanently delete text and/or graphic images before distributing it

Additionally, these new security tools can easily be applied without the need of extensive formal training.

Optimal Protection Integrated Throughout the Application

The new security measures provided with Adobe Acrobat DC go far beyond the tools mentioned. Adobe Acrobat DC has been engineered with optimal security using industry standard security practices for data confidentiality, document integrity, access management and more. These new software development and engineering processes help the application itself to protect documents, data and personal information.

  • The new secure engineering uses the Adobe Secure Product Lifecycle process which includes hundreds of rigorous security measures infused into the development practice and process
  • “Protected Mode” further enhances protection against attackers that may be attempting to exploit a business’s PDF documents, install harmful malware on devices or extra sensitive data
  • “Protected View” is similar to the prior, as it enhances protection of PDF files when being viewed, by restricting the execution of untrusted programs in an afford to avoid security risks and malware
  • JavaScript Execution provides businesses with controls to whitelist and blacklist executions from various environments
  • Cross-Domain Configuration disables an unrestricted access to your PDF files
  • The new security alerts ensure businesses are informed of any potential security threats in a timely manner

Security Measures Put in Place for Cloud Services

Cloud services are mandatory for businesses that have executed the vital digital transformation needed to thrive in today’s digital age. However, with cloud services comes a requirement for extensive security measures to ensure all data is secure and protected. Adobe Acrobat DC has improved their cloud security to ensure they meet various industry-specific compliance certifications, regulations and standards, while also being compliant with ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and SOC 2 Type 2.

  • Adobe Acrobat DC includes a Document Cloud data center that resides in a tier-4 data center management, American National Standards Institute, that’s managed by the trusted Amazon Web Services
  • The Document Cloud services also come with data encryption to ensure privacy and security for all data
  • Only Document Cloud employees and trusted vendors to access customer data to perform certain business functions

Data Execution Prevention Provides Additional Layer of Protection

Adobe Acrobat DC has a built-in security protection, Data Execution Prevention, that remains on at all times to provide an additional layer of protection against any potentially malicious attacks to corrupt or control desktops.

  • This unique security measure makes systems and all applications more resistant to an attack
  • Acrobat DC provides you with various tools to manage such security settings

As Adobe shift towards providing safe and secure options for businesses who have undergone a digital transformation, they have taken extreme measures to ensure optimal security and protection for businesses utilizing their leading PDF solution service. With the new Adobe Acrobat DC, businesses can protect and secure sensitive data and information from the new threats of today; it’s one step ahead of potential attacks. 

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