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Digitizing Your Business with Zebra

In today’s global marketplace, there is a motivating force for the need for digital innovation across all industries, because businesses need to stay ahead of the high demands of their customer expectations. Over the past year, Zebra Technologies has continued to make strong progress in advancing our Enterprise Asset Intelligence vision of enabling every asset and worker to be visible, connected, and fully optimized. As a trusted strategic partner along with Ingram-Micro, we help transform end-to-end workflows in a variety of end markets including retail & ecommerce, transportation & logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, government, public safety, and hospitality. We empower the workforce on the front line to do their jobs more efficiently by navigating constant change in near-real time, utilizing insights driven by advanced software capabilities such as prescriptive analytics and intelligent automation.

The right technology solutions can give almost any business a competitive advantage by connecting them to the data they need. Guiding them with clear and accurate insights for the best next action and end-to-end visibility into their business, increasing the accuracy of tasks by optimizing the workflow. Optimal workflows are essential for a successful business and organization. An organization's activities can be allocated into processes, which could then be segmented into tasks. These tasks, from the simplest to the most difficult, contribute to the achievement of the organization's final objectives. This means that the better they are managed, the more successful the business results will be. Therefore, optimizing workflow streamlines the procedures and increases efficiency, as well as the accuracy of the tasks.

Zebra Technologies is a true innovator when comes to optimizing workflows and operations, that help a business make decisions in real-time for efficient, impactful results. Ingram-Micro and Zebra can help organizations enable the front-line of business  in retail/eCommerce, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare, the public sector, and other industries  to achieve a performance edge.


"We are living in an on-demand economy where organizations must digitize their operations to compete. The pace of change is accelerating. We are the pioneers at the edge of the enterprise, and we are investing in innovations to empower front-line performance so brands can deliver differentiated service and care to thrive into the future."

- Anders Gustafsson Zebra Chief Executive Officer

Businesses are seeking insights and analytics they need to transform the way they see their business. Intelligently connect the assets, data, and people in collective workflows. They want to know what is happening, analyze or anticipate the implication, and make best-action decisions in real-time. We call them intelligent edge solutions.

Some of Zebra’s Intelligent Edge Solutions are

  • Zebra Workforce Connect™ -  Improve the effectiveness of communication capabilities for mobile workers across the enterprise with integrated device management.
  • Zebra VisibilityIQ™ - Data intelligence how you need it with different solutions and dashboards that help optimize device availability, maximize asset utilization, and increase operational productivity and ROI.
  • Zebra MotionWorks™ - Automatically sense the location of your assets and inventory, help improve the safety of your people and streamline your production line while allowing you to ramp up productivity, boost efficiency and grow your business.
  • Zebra FulfillmentEdge™ - Turn your legacy warehouse management system into 21st-century brainpower using your data, the real-time location of your workers and task priorities — without major changes to your backend system.
  • Zebra Prescriptive Analytics™  - Empower frontline employees to improve profits, margins, and efficiency. Next-gen machine learning and artificial intelligence automatically extract actionable insights from data in near-real-time and distribute them directly to the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Zebra SmartSight™ - Use augmented intelligence to spot issues about your shelved merchandise and reveal prescriptive ways to improve the situation and your operations.

Partnering with Ingram Micro and Zebra Technologies will provide you with the right technology for your customer with a solution that supports this ever-changing world we all live in. Zebra Technologies designs, manufacture, and sell a broad range of AIDC products, including mobile computers, barcode scanners and imagers, RFID readers, specialty printers for barcode labeling and personal identification, related accessories, and supplies, such as labels and other consumables, and related software applications. We also provide a full range of services, including maintenance, technical support, repair, managed and professional services, as well as cloud-based software subscriptions.

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