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Digital Signage Options - Why Viewing Distance Matters

When it comes to investing in new digital signage for your organization, an essential factor that is often overlooked is viewing distance. Ideally, you want the average viewer to see everything in sharp and vibrant detail so to ensure that the content looks it’s best, the optimal viewing distance must be accurately calculated. Here is more information on why viewing distance matters:

Pixel Pitch

If your digital signage is an LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) display, you should know its pixel pitch. Pixel pitch is the distance separating each individual diode in the screen. On average, this distance is mere millimeters but it can make a major difference to the overall viewing experience.

How to Calculate Viewing Distance

The optimal viewing distance for an LED screen is approximately 3 meters for every millimeter of pitch. This means if your pixel pitch is 1 mm, you can rest assured that your digital signage will look the best from 3 meters away. An LED display with a 2.5 mm pitch will look the best 7.5 meters away.

Essentially, if the pitch is finer, the viewer can be closer without having their viewing experience negatively impacted by seeing each of the individual LED lights and the dark spaces between them. This knowledge should inform you on how to properly position your digital signage in either your office space or a commercial space. It’s important to know how to calculate the viewing distance of your digital signage because it can also help your organization cut costs. If you know the average viewer of your screen is going to be viewing at a distance of 7.5 metres you can invest in a screen with a less fine pitch. Signage with pitches of 1 mm to 2 mm are more expensive as there are more individual diodes. If people are far enough away from the digital signage, they won’t even notice the pitch and it won’t affect their viewing experience.

Another way to calculate viewing distance of digital signage is it should be about four  times the length of the diagonal length of the screen. For example, if your screen is 106 cm long diagonally, the recommended viewing distance would be 4.24 metres. This method of calculation is typically used for LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) displays.

The 4/6/8 rule is considered a more comprehensive method of determining the ideal viewing distance of LCD displays. If you’re displaying highly complex visuals on your digital signage, the viewing distance should be four times  the height of the screen. If you’re displaying common content that requires some detail, the viewing distance should be six times the height of the screen. If you’re displaying basic informative visuals, the viewing distance should be eight times  the height of the screen.

If your organization is looking to invest in new digital signage for commercial or informational purposes, contact your local Samsung dealer today. We can provide you with more information about viewing distance, LCD versus LED displays and which signage options would best fit your needs. 

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