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CyberSecurity Month: Email Phising

We’ve all heard the word phishing right? You’ve heard it, maybe know about it, perhaps encountered it and probably definitely thought it was the word fishing when you first heard it!

It’s a reality and 3 Billion dollars has been stolen in the last 3 years.  During the 2016 US elections a simple spear-phishing email provided access to

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta’s Gmail account without the use of any malware or vulnerabilities.

A vast majority of Canadians have encountered some form of phishing…..whether we knew it or not. That “Congratulations you won $$” email was a form of phishing scam aimed to take advantage of innocent people.  Phishing, also known as Brand-Spoofing, has been on the rise.  Without proper firewalls and security measures in place scam artists can get a hold of your email addresses and send you official looking emails in various forms.  Some of the email scams encountered have been “Please pick up your package”, “Parking Ticket fine”, “Congratulation you’ve Won!”.  Ways to avoid these is – NEVER open any attachments or click on any links found in these emails.  What you SHOULD do is look at the email address…the full email address.  If the information after the @ looks sketchy chances are…it is.  Any official stating email should never come from Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc accounts.

An even newer term “vishing” speaks to the increase in rising phone call scams.  That CRA call asking you to “call immediately or you will face penalty charges” is one example of a vishing scam. The target for these vishing scams – 50+ year olds.  If you get a vishing or a phishing scam – report it.  It helps our government keep a track of rising scams and helps them bring public awareness so these attackers aren’t fruitful.

If a US Presidential Campaign can get phished….so could we.

For the various type of phishing scams please check out the Canadian Government Anti-Fraud Centre Site and learn how you can – Stay in the Know.