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January 15, 2021 Ingram Micro

An Intriguing Opportunity - Thermal Technology - A Complete Solution

In a year plagued with a virus, what is more important than constant temperature monitoring? Ingram Micro's newest vendor, CreativeStar Solutions, provides essential technology to businesses to adapt to the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Their goal is to provide the best customer service experience while building a safer and healthier tomorrow. CreativeStar Solutions is a technology and software company that provides software, technology, and services essential to the onset challenges we face with the current pandemic. The technology and software are designed to prepare businesses for any unexpected events in the future and help companies to reopen. Their main goal is to help prepare your business for unforeseen circumstances, keep employees and customers safe, and decrease the risk of future financial loss.

CreativeStar Solutions is committed to preventing and minimizing coronavirus transmission. To help businesses, colleges, hospitals, and every other wider public area limit the spread of coronavirus and other infectious diseases, we have introduced Their Artemis ® Thermal Scanner and AI Disinfectant Robot systems.

CreativeStar provides a Complete Solution to provide clients with the best solution based on their requirements for all their products. Their technical support team works with clients at every step of the way, beginning with environmental assessment, implementation, customization of API and applications, training, and maintenance and troubleshooting. Next, the CreativeStar team will complete an overview of the area to determine the best-fit solution based on your facility's environment and needs. After this, with live demos and detailed descriptions, they complete the installation. Next, to help customers use them most effectively, their team can help with API and app customization. For instance, their team may connect the devices to an existing security system or a more advanced notification system depending on your needs. The CreativeStar team will provide comprehensive training to help customers feel secure working once installation and customization are completed.

After the items are installed in the factory, the team will be available for repair and troubleshooting. For 18 months following installation, their in-house technical support team of qualified engineers will be available online or by phone to assist with any questions that may arise. Their Full Solution leaves the tools and services open to clients to get the best out of their goods. With access to the developers with the most expertise, a dedicated project manager is assigned for every project.

One of the crowning glories of CreativeStar is their two state-of-the-art AI Disinfection Robots. The Artemis V6 effectively removes viruses, bacteria, and mould from surfaces and the air with the touch of a button by combining advanced AI technology and strong UV-C sterilization bulbs.

Another option is the Artemis ® Thermal Scanners. These products are fast and accurate. They provide non-contact temperature screening, and are CDC and FDA compliant. For human body temperature calculation, an automated detection module is a non-contact unit. It has a simple and elegant appearance and has a wide range of features, high accuracy, low error, and long-distance temperature measurement. Via the RS485 interface, it can connect to a face recognition access control terminal. The module supports temperature measurement and linking of personnel data. It can easily recognize personnel details for individuals with elevated temperatures, take the temperature, and generate an alarm. It also enables a temperature level to be set to regulate staff access permissions strictly. The module refers to application scenes involving strict temperature measurements, such as regulation of access and attendance control.

To help face authentication to open the door and achieve precise human control, the face recognition system is entirely incorporated into the access control unit, relying on a deep learning algorithm. Additionally, via an indoor display, remote control to open the door is also supported. And it can be applied broadly to building systems scenarios, such as smart cities, public safety, parks and other sensitive areas.

As we continue to feel the effects of coronavirus, let CreativeStar Solutions help you create a safer, healthier and secure life. CreativeStar is committed to helping fight against coronavirus with the extensive expertise of engineers, IT specialists, and entrepreneurs.

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