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Busting Email Security Myths

Today’s remote teams have to rely heavily on communication like email more than ever before. With so much emphasis placed on this medium, we have put together a few myths about email and email security.

Myth 1: All dangerous emails contain files or links

It is a common misperception that a harmful email must contain attached files or links. The fact is many dangerous emails don’t. Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks are harmful emails that look legitimate. They use social engineering techniques to get you to follow their requests, with no files to download or links to click.

Myth 2: Training users to detect spam is an effective protection

Employees need regular training, testing, and retroaction to be effective at recognizing email threats. What is critical to this training is focus: commit time, money, and sustained effort to training your users or avoid exposing them to email threats. 

Myth 3: Spam filtering is complicated

Well, this myth is somewhat true. Email filtering, when done correctly, is complicated. Letting all safe emails through while blocking all harmful ones is challenging. That doesn’t mean it has to be challenging for your users or your IT team. The right email filtering solution should give you enough control to personalize your experience but not overwhelm you with too many options.

If you’re looking for an email security solution that busts harmful emails before they become a nuisance to your network, you should consider Zerospam.

Zerospam is the only cloud-based email security protection providing an unparalleled, AI-powered filtering technology, engineered by experts to be highly accurate and remarkably simple to use. The Zerospam solution was created for small and medium businesses and enterprise customers across North America and beyond because we care about safety in an era of unprecedented cyber risk to your #1 communication method.

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