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Beyond Financing: Scaling Canadian MSPs with As-A-Service Models

You know all about Hardware-as-a-Service, but how does that work for Canadian MSPs? How do financing, equipment rentals, and bundled billing translate from what U.S. Solution Providers are doing? “Beyond Financing: Scaling Canadian MSPs with As-A-Service Models” webinar will help you discover the nuances of a program like Hardware-as-a-Rental and how it works in Canada. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions and provide your useful feedback.

Reasons why you should attend this webinar:

  *   You have all heard us talk about HaaR in the past but you have questions

  *   You have asked for it in Canada

  *   Learn how HaaR will need to be handled in Canada vs. the U.S.

  *   Determine if the changes are acceptable to you. Will your customers buy this way?

  *   See real-time voting results during the webinar