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Behind the scenes of a Cyber Security practice: A mini three case summary

Within hours of British Airways admitting that it had suffered a serious security breach through hackers accessing customer data and the full details of 380,000 payment cards, a British law firm announced that it was launching a £500M group action lawsuit against the airline.

If you could save your customers from prosecution or non-compliance fines, wouldn’t you?

Presenting three cybersecurity nightmares that made headlines; helping you learn how to be a trusted Cybersecurity advisor to your client while adding dollars to your margin.

Case 1 – A Case for Social Engineering Assessment

Your Smartest Employee Could Be Your Weakest Link

“Aerospace CEO falls victim to spear-phishing attack; total losses over $50M and costs CEO his job.”

Avoidable = Yes

This is how an Ingram Micro reseller partner ensured his client adopts a proactive strategy to data security improvement.  

The IM reseller partner encouraged their clients to sign on for IMs Social Engineering Assessment to ensure the security of their HIPAA-protected information. During a Social Engineering Assessment, trained and certified Cybersecurity professionals applied a broad range of human hacking techniques to manipulate people into divulging confidential information in a simulated social engineering attack.  As part of the Assessment, ethical hackers from the Ingram Micro Professional Services team got 4 associates to divulge their usernames and passwords, and 2 additional associates entered company-specific banking information on a spoof web-banking login page.

The Result = The reseller partner together with the IM Professional Services team, offered non-technical end-user training to educate their clients on data security.

Case 2 – A case of Pen and Web Application Vulnerability Testing

A data breach can be quantified in dollars. How do you calculate the cost of reputation lost with customers?

Equifax had holes in their website and internal security structure that were exploited. Hackers took $146M of consumers most important identifying information, leaving Equifax’s reputation in ruins.  They are currently under investigation by many federal entities.

Avoidable = Yes

This is how an Ingram Micro reseller partner made a nationwide charity 100% confident about data security.

An Ingram Micro reseller wanted their client, a large nationwide charity, to put their security infrastructure to test as part of a proactive Cybersecurity strategy. They encouraged their client to sign-up for a Penetration Test and a Web Application vulnerability test. A Penetration Test is a detailed evaluation of a client’s network security program. The result was a report put together by the Ingram Micro Professional Services team (PTS) that notified the nationwide charity of severe and moderate deficiencies. The reseller partner worked with PTS to develop remediations to the tune of $15k in services and products.

Case 3- A case for Critical Security Controls Assessment

Which one would you pick?  The cost of a Cybersecurity Advisory Assessment vs. paying ransom to secure stolen information –

Sutter Health, a North California based organization of 24 hospitals, 36 surgery centers and more than 5500 doctors claim they’ve seen on average 38 trillion attempted cyber-attacks this year.

Avoidable = Yes

This is how an Ingram Micro reseller partner helped his healthcare client recover from an ailing security practice.

This reseller partner used the Critical Security Controls Assessment to compare his clients’ security posture to industry best practices. Several critical issues were uncovered, to which the partner proposed remediation to avoid ransomware intrusion. He then took his client’s security practices to the next level with a service advantage.

Is your customer ready to build his own cybersecurity practice? All services mentioned in this article can be delivered by Ingram Micro’s Professional Services team under your customer’s brand name! Build a “trusted advisor” relationship with your customers. Contact for special pricing.