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Are You Ready to Move to The Cloud? 6 Benefits of Moving To The Cloud

The concept of “the cloud” is difficult to grasp even to the most technologically savvy of us. However, it’s essential that we develop a firm understanding as many programs that we use and rely on daily – such as G-mail, Facebook and PayPal – use cloud computing. Luckily, Microsoft has created a series of webinars to help customers start utilizing the cloud to its fullest capabilities, giving your business a much needed digital transformation.

It is imperative to the success of your organization to be up to date with all the technological advances and The Ingram Micro Cloud makes it easy to adapt to any industrial changes. While earning revenue from subscription services it reduces the need for manual input in end-to-end operations and increases accessibility to monetization and the market at large.

Here 6 benefits of moving to the cloud that you can count on:


With the Cloud, your apps are run on a shared data centre. To get started, you just have to plug in to the centre – as with any other utility – simply log in, customize the app to fit your wants and needs and it’s ready to use. It’s easy to install and upkeep so you won’t require a team of experts to run it.


The Cloud liberates you from having to rely on an independent data centre and the all the costs associated. The elimination of servers and storage also contributes to the low price point.


Access the information you need from anywhere around the world at any time. This convenience is the ideal solution for businesses with a team of remote workers and freelancers. Your employees will no longer have to be at the office to communicate and collaborate which gives them flexibility that facilitates workflow.


No need to worry about power failure, natural disasters or any other unforeseen crisis as the Cloud ensures your data will be backed up and secure. In the event of an emergency, you’ll be spared from major downtime or reduced productivity.

System Upgrades

With cloud computing, you’ll no longer have to deal with paying for frequent and costly upgrades as your apps will automatically update themselves. New hardware and software will likely be included in your contract or subscription if they are required.

File Storage

Instead of sending files back and forth via e-mail attachments, different users can access documents in a centrally stored location. The integrity of your documents will no longer be affected by being opened and closed in multiple destinations. Employees can view, edit and share documents in the same location which greatly streamlines the collaboration process.

Moving your business to the Cloud is an absolute no-brainer. If you haven’t made the move already, what are you waiting for? To understand more about the process and how to move to the Cloud seamlessly, Ingram will help you. Join our webinars!