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Adobe XD CC: The Best New Features To Look Forward To

The ever-exciting Adobe MAX Conference just took place from October 15 to October 17, 2018, in Los Angeles, California. A slew of innovative new features was announced to make the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite better than ever. Adobe XD CC is the leading UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) solution, helping designers of all skill levels build apps and web pages with ease.

Here are 5 helpful and interesting new features to look forward to being implemented on Adobe XD:

Mobile Previews

Nowadays, a lot of people engage with websites on their mobile devices. It’s important to know how the webpage will look not only on a desktop computer but also on a tablet or smartphone. With Adobe XD you can easily preview what your designs will look like on Android or iOS device.

Vocal Interaction

The latest frontier in UX technology is voice activation. With Adobe XD, you can integrate interactions for smart assistants like Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. This new feature will allow people to access your creations in many more ways. Allow the app you’re designing to join the next generation of mobile technology.

Static to Interactive Prototype

Web designers know how important it is to be able to test your project quickly and seamlessly. With Adobe XD, you can go from your static design to an interactive prototype within seconds without needing to upload or sync anything. You can examine the experience you’re creating in real-time to ensure everything is working the way you need it to. 

Design to Prototype

With just one click, you can switch from design to prototype mode on the platform to the prototype mode. This will come in handy if you need to show clients or co-workers how your app looks, feels and works at the drop of a hat.

Streamlined Artboards

There are a lot of new features that have streamlined artboards and increased productivity for UI and UX professionals. The following are some of these features:

  • Repeat grid: If you have a design element that needs to be repeated such as a contact list or photo gallery, this feature allows you to duplicate the element horizontally and vertically on the page with the same style and spacing.
  • Zoom in and out: Now there is zero lag time when you’re panning in and out of the canvas on Adobe XD even if you’re working on hundreds of different artboards. This feature allows designers to efficiently switch from page to page and work smarter.
  • Updated layers panel: The layers panel on Adobe XD will now only show the layers you’re working on at the time so you have a better idea of what’s active. You can also take elements you use often like buttons or logos and turn them in symbols so you can drag, drop and reuse them within your artboards.

These impressive features are only some of the many elements that have made Adobe XD better and easier to use.

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