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Adobe puts 3D at your fingertips

Whether you’re a graphic designer, or simply someone who occasionally gives their creativity free reign, there is a new Adobe app that puts greater design capabilities – including 3D - at your fingertips.

Make creations come alive

We’ve all seen them – the ads we wish we could create because of their intricacy or depth, the visuals that make us question whether they are photographs or illustrations. While the tools and applications used to develop these images are readily available, it’s assumed to be outside the realm of a novice’s capabilities or at least, outside of the realm of their budget, and therefore only accessible to creative professionals. With the release of Adobe Dimension CC, this is no longer the case.

Ease of use

This Creative Cloud app comes with the same ease of use and options for functionality that we’ve come to rely on from other programs within the suite such as the file interactions, and functions like colour picker and drag and drop.

If everything is as expected then common sense would then dictate that the app’s interface just like other familiar apps like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and Dimensions doesn’t disappoint. What also doesn’t disappoint is the access to Adobe Stock assets, accessible as expected right inside the app.

Professional results

The key feature that makes this new app standout from the more familiar Adobe products is the ability to add depth to creations. Shadowing, reflection and layering allow users to easily create images that, at first glance, may be mistaken for photographs because of the level of detail, depth and quality.

The app’s real-time render preview shows you what the image will look like as you work which makes it easy to adjust and fine-tune details along the way, rather than forcing users to go through the hassle of publishing and realizing the effect isn’t quite what was desired.

All in the details

As with any true creation, the personality, the impact, is all in the details. Adobe Dimension CC offers easy access to many of the finer details that help personalize an image. From changing the lighting and recolouring to selecting texture, the app provides the ability to incorporate the depth and nuance, elevating the 3D perspective and realism of an object. Within this there is advanced capability to customize, to take wood grain detailing for instance, and change its direction.

The app’s camera view and depth of field controls add realistic touches that can allow users to change perspective, camera position, and even focus to create realistic and customized views while the app’s multi-layered functionality allows for the creation of a truly custom 3D look from the front of view, all the way to the horizon.

All important help

No matter how comprehensive an application is, inevitably there are functions and concepts that require further clarification. Adobe Dimension provides in-app guidance to show users the basics and provide access to relevant information as you go.

From functionality to ease of use and maximum creative impact, Adobe Dimension CC provides an affordable solution that raises the bar of the quality of work that is produced, whether you are a creative professional or an aspiring designer.

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